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Buy 1 Hammock Get 2 FREE

$ 179.99
Sale price
$ 99.95

*Promo Codes Do Not Apply*

You Read That Right

Not buy one get one free. 

Not buy one get one 50% off. 

Buy one hammock and get two hammocks for free!!!



Hammock With Friends

We LOVE hammocking. We know you (probably) love hammocking, and honestly, who wants to hammock alone. 😞

Now you don't have to.🤗

Right now when you buy one hammock we will send you 2 HAMMOCKS FOR FREE so that you can share your adventures with friends.

Are The Hammocks Any Good? 

Our hammocks freakin' rock.

They are made with highest quality material, built to be light and durable. 

Which Hammocks Do I Get?

Because we have to manage our inventory we will be sending you any three hammocks from our inventory, not specific models, sorry. 

Honestly though, they are all amazing, so you will love them no matter which ones we send you. 

Plus, we are sending you three, so if you don't like the colors on one of them just make the friend that you like the least use that one 😉

Sounds too good to be true . . .

So...? What are you complaining about? 

Take advantage of this deal before we change our minds 😉.

Seriously though, obviously we can't keep this promo going forever, but it's our slow season (you know how summer clothes are always on sale during the winter. . . same concept). 

If you wait you will pay $257.85 for the same three hammocks, so get going. 

This promo will only be live for a few days - a week tops, and we don't know when you are seeing this, so it could be ending any time.  

Please note that some of our hammocks are on back order, and that we get a large influx of orders when we do promotions like this. We will send out hammocks on a first come first serve basis, that means it may take up to 4-6 weeks for us to send you all three hammocks. 

That being said, the reason we are doing this is because it is the offseason, and even with the delay, we will get you your hammocks in plenty of time for hammocking season!

2 Trees planted per purchase

2 trees planted per purchase. 

plant trees

*Note: Straps are sold separately

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