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Madera Outdoor Hammock No Straps / Narratives Madera Art Hammock
Madera Outdoor Hammock Madera Art Hammock
Madera Outdoor Hammock No Straps / Photosynthesis Madera Art Hammock
Madera Outdoor Hammock No Straps / Stealthy Marmot Madera Art Hammock

Madera Art Hammock

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We collaborated with Chris Benchetler - Pro Skier - and Skye Walker - Professional Muralist - to give you the Benchetler + Walker Series by Madera.
  • ChloroBlast features a whale and bear as focal imagery and shows the connection between the earth and all things living. The majority of the art on this piece is from Chris Benchetler.
  • Narratives shows how Mother Nature and Old Man Winter connect through each other, the land, animals, trees, waves, weather and humans. Skye Walker wrapped it on his van for a year-long mural tour across the US intending to leave behind masterpieces & inspiration while increasing public know-how in the art community.  
  • Photosynthesis, the fraternal twin brother to Chloroblast, with mostly Skye Walker’s art features what these good friends love: Nomadic van exploration connecting all living things to the earth and nature.
  • Stealthy Marmot derives inspiration from Yosemite. It blends Old Man Winter (an iconic work by Chris) with Mother Nature and connects the mountains with the sea. Chris Benchetler wrapped it on his van for his GoPro series: Chasing adVANture while traveling up the west coast to surf, ski, and live immersed in nature.

ChloroBlast Hammock by Chris Benchetler and Skye walker. Van Wrap. painting Mural

Madera Hammock Specs
Description Specifications
Weight 14.4 oz.
Material(s) 210T High Tenacity Parachute Nylon
Packed Dimensions (L x W) 6.5" x 6"
Unfolded Dimensions (L x W) 8' 6" x 4' 7"
Best Use Family/car camping & backpacking
Weight Capacity 400 lbs

 *Note: Straps are sold separately

Our customers are Heroes

With the help of Madera Outdoor, you have planted 70,255 trees and counting. You have helped improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. You have have demonstrated the transformation power of trees, in helping people break out of the poverty cycle while also addressing the global environment. Our goal is to raise awareness about this solution: to solve hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation and simultaneously extend proper self-care and headspace opportunities to you. Thanks for being a hero!

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Verified Reviews

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