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Apache Hammock + FREE Headlamp

Madera Outdoor

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Looking for a steal? Here it is..

I feel as though this amazing offer speaks for itself, but if you like reading I'll provide a little more context for these incredible products!

First, the Apache hammock has been one of our most popular hammocks since we started. It's a double wide hammock that allows for two individuals to fit, while allowing one individual to get completely immersed in comfort. Our hammocks are also made with the highest quality material and are built to be light, durable, and easy to use. 

Second, the headlamp, why get a headlamp? Let me explain using an example. Lets say your out camping with your family and all the sudden you have the urge to go potty at 11:30 pm. You start having that discussion with yourself whether or not you can wait till the morning or if you have to go now. twenty minutes later you decide that you're going to the bathroom. You immediately start reaching for your flashlight in the dark trying to find it. Once its found, now you have open the tent quietly with one hand because the other is holding the flashlight. Once your out you immediately start panicking because you feel the wind brushing your face and the water crashing against the rocks. While your walking to the bathroom your only though is what animal is gonna attack me. After you do your thing in the bathroom you come out and immediately see BIGFOOT thirty yards away and you start running as quick as you ever have. 

Now in the situation I have outlined above you would be running with the flashlight and using it to help you see where to go. If you had a headlamp you would have both hands to either run, or grab some type of weapon and try to fight him if your super strong. If this hasn't quite happened to you, the headlamp will still free your hands up in case of other emergencies and help you accomplish other tasks in the dark. 

Best Wishes!


Marketing Director 

Madera Outdoor Co.


Madera Hammock Specs
Description Specifications
Weight 14.4 - 20.8 oz.
Material(s) 210T High Tenacity Parachute Nylon
Packed Dimensions (L x W)6.5" x 6" OR 7.5" x 6"
Unfolded Dimensions (L x W) 8' 6" x 4' 7" OR 9' 7" x 6' 7"
Best Use Family/car camping & backpacking
Weight Capacity 400 lbs


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