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Buy one get 2 rings | 30 Trees planted (earthday special)

TenTree Ring Co.

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Products that plant 10 trees |
We've discovered the greatest problem with ring sizing, and it's knowing your size. Well in an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, we decided we would let you keep the 2 extra rings that don't fit so that our package delivery people don't have to waste gas returning the package to us. 
ten treering co Wood rings, 10 trees planted, plant ten trees when you purchase a wood ring

We Have partnered with Ten TreeRing Co. to bring you sustainable and responsibly sourced rings so you can take nature with you anywhere.

As a reminder that we belong to the earth and the earth doesn't belong to us, we created a constant way for you to be reminded that there is so much more out there than us. A wood ring is a way for Nature Lovers to be reminded to explore and get outside. These rings have been used for everyday activity, weddings, engagement, and more. We make sure you don't break the bank when you buy from us and we make sure it's the perfect for you or the person you are purchasing for. 

Free returns

ensure the perfect fit, every time. 

Lifetime warranty

protects you against a damaged or broken ring.

Handmade item
Occasion: Wedding, Everyday, Art, Hiking, Outdoors, etc.
Materials: titanium, zebra wood, wood. 
Ships worldwide from United States


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