16 Suggestions for Travel Packing Like A Pro

Guest post by Aimee Laurence

When it comes time for packing for your trip abroad, it can get overwhelming thinking about what to bring and how to pack light enough without forgetting anything. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the top 16 suggestions for packing for your next trip.

1. Use a packing list.

We can’t stress this one enough. Having a packing list makes sure you’re not forgetting any essentials when you’re busy thinking about which bathing suit to bring. It also forces you to think about the weather and what you really want to wear vs what’s nice to have.

2. Invest in packing cubes.

Separate your clothes for every day into different packing cubes. That way when you’re on your vacation you don’t unpack and unfold everything looking for one specific item to match with your shorts.

3. Use a suitcase shelf.

Instead of packing cubes, consider getting a shelving system for your suitcase which makes packing and unpacking a much quicker process. All you need to do is pull it out of your bag and hang it in a nearby closet. 

4. Pack laundry bags.

Don’t forget to pack a separate laundry bag for dirty clothes so you can keep your worn clothes segregated from the ones you haven’t worn yet. Consider adding a dryer sheet to the bag to keep the odors to a minimum.

5. Prepare your liquids.

Put all of your liquids in the TSA-approved bag so you don’t have to unpack everything at the airport, holding up the line. If you’re checking luggage, make sure your liquids are in that bag.

6. Get multipurpose items.

Consider investing in products that you can use in different ways, like a 2-in-1 device for both curling and straightening hair. Make sure you have a cover for it so you’re not putting it back in your luggage while it’s still hot.

7. Organize your shoes.

Megan Hanson, a blogger at Simple Grad and AustralianHelp, says to “get some organizer bags specifically for your shoes because the bottoms can get quite dirty and you don’t want to have to put those against the clean clothes you want to wear.”

8. Bring travel laundry packs.

Travel with a handful of travel laundry sink packs so you can wash any items on the go and then wear them again on your trip. This is helpful for saving laundry money and also allows you to pack less if you’ll be cleaning your clothes.

9. Get travel bottles.

Get some reusable travel bottles and fill them up with the products you always use. That means you don’t need to use the hotel brands and you’re helping the environment in a small way.

10. Weigh your bags.

Make sure you weigh your bags before you go so you don’t have to worry about paying fees for overweight baggage once at the airport. If you’re buying souvenirs, also keep that in mind so you don’t go over on the return trip.

11. Use garment folders.

We recommend that you invest in a garment folder so you can keep your clothes wrinkle free when it’s time to wear them. It doesn’t take a lot of space and it’s easy to pack.

12. Organize your wires.

According to Paul Tomson, a lifestyle blogger at Studydemic and Research Paper, “it’s a good idea to organize the cables and cords for all your electronic devices with twist ties so you don’t get them all tangled up in your bags.”

13. Have a rain hood.

Bring a rain hood if you don’t have enough space for your raincoat and you’re heading to a rainy destination. 

14. Get an RFID-blocking wallet.

Invest in a RFID-blocking travel wallet to keep your documents safe. This includes all your key travel documents like your ID and passport. These products are usually quite durable and also attractive.

15. Organize your purse.

Getting a purse organizer lets you get whatever you need in seconds – headphones, lipstick, ID, etc. It’s important when you’re travelling not to get distracted and to spend too long digging in your bag – it makes you a target. This will solve your purse disorganization problems!

16. Get a collapsible water bottle.

A collapsible water bottle lets you always stay hydrated without shelling out tons of money on plastic bottles. It will also save space when you’re not using it. 

Aimee Laurence is a lifestyle blogger with Australian Reviewer and a writer at UK Writing Services Reviews. She loves sharing her travel and lifestyle tips and tricks with her audience. She has travelled to over 50 countries and she enjoys preparing travel guides for her favorite destinations. Aimee's writing is also available at the Best Writing Services blog.

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