About us

 In the southern Americas and European lands of Spain, the word "Madera" means more than just a hammock company that plants trees. It means wood.

For the Woods • Of the Woods • For Us • Forever

Madera means wood-Why wood?

We started out as a group of friends who moved to Jackson Hole, WY lived in our cars, rock climbed full time and gardened part time. The summer weaned and demand for firewood waxed. Having a newly defined love for the woods we thought it would be neat to cut the dead wood out of the forest and heat people's homes. Between our group of friends we owned a truck, a chainsaw and could obtain enough firewood permits between ourselves to provide wood for the residents of Jackson Hole. With the right tools and the desire to work we went at it, and each summer we cleaned the forests and prevented wildfires from spreading and paying for college. 

Seeing the beautiful designs these dead trees would create with their soft grain patterns we fell for wood faster than we were falling the dead wood of the forest. Although most of the wood we removed was used for firewood we occasionally found beautiful pieces with extravagant natural  knots, twists, shapes, and patterns. We would save these unique beauties for ourselves to make center pieces and art for peoples homes and give them as gifts. 

Although our efforts have been great in reducing the risk for wild fire, we felt we could give back more to the earth. In our firewood efforts we learned and came to a new understanding that the earth had provided us with much more than work; that work provided us fitness, food, intelligence, peace of mind, a way through college, and lasting relationships with the people of Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas.


For every hammock you buy two trees are planted. Hence the name Madera. We love giving back and since the nature of the business is...well, nature... we naturally owe all our efforts to the very thing that inspired us. We have partnered with Trees for the future to plant trees in remote parts of the world. 

Where are trees Planted?

Our Partner; Trees for the future not only plants trees, they teach local farmers about nitrogen fixation and sustainable farming. Trees are planted in many locations in Sub-Saharan Africa, including  Uganda, Ethopia, Southern Africa, etc.