Take Pictures and Videos of Outdoor Products to boost your Portfolio/Blog/etc.

What's up Nature photography/cinematography and Blogger enthusiasts!?

We are at a startup phase and need people who are looking to build their portfolios and take product pictures in exchange for Letter's of recommendation, publicity, feature credit, and potentially free gear (depends on the quality of the media). 

Why Capturing for Madera Outdoor Co. is beneficial to you. 

    • Your media helps to push the company forward and provides stable ground for impoverished families in Sub-Saharan Africa in fighting corruption. 
    • Your media makes a difference in the environment because when you help to spread the good news of Madera you literally spread seeds to be planted in the ground which provide O₂ for the environment and fruits and nuts for farmers to sell on local markets.
    • You can get paid for your photos in green money dollar bills if you Apply to our Brand Ambassador Program
    • This month we have had over 25K new visitors to our site and we have generated increased traffic every month.
    • As far as Social Media, we have over 110K followers and growing on all of our platforms.
    • Credit will be given in every instance linking back to your Instagram. Whether we feature your photo on our site or Social Media accounts.

Get Paid to Take Adventure, Nature, Lifestyle photos

We don't want just anyone to do this. We get a lot of requests as you can imagine so in order to separate the responsible & serious who want freedom and success from the players & moochers who want free shit, we require that you put down a 50% refundable deposit on the gear you want to capture. Contact us Below to learn more and receive approval of a 50% deposit.

If you want to keep the items you rent, just let us know and we can let you keep it at 50% off. If the items are not able to be resold we may retain some of the original deposit. You are responsible for shipping to you. We will pay for shipping back to us. 

Have a look at some of the people who have made content for us.


Where can I use these songs?

You can use them anywhere you’d like: films, youtube, personal videos, etc. Fees may apply in the ASCAP market i.e national television, film, and radio. Learn more at: https://www.ascap.com/help/royalties-and-payment/payment/whocollect

Can I use these songs on videos I make for other companies?

Absolutely! We want to help set you up for a life of creativity. Every song you buy on sound story goes into your lifelong library. Use them on anything you create!

Does SoundStory do custom compositions?

Yep! Shoot us a message through Facebook or email: music.soundstory@gmail.com and let us know what you are looking for. We specialize in writing custom music for any type of content. We can beat nearly all our competitor’s prices and we have a very fast delivery. 


BYB Pictures. Who are we, what do we do, why do we do it, and why does it matter?

We’re three young entrepreneurs that have been best friends since middle school. We are an ambitious, hard-working, and creative team that works best when working together. Our team prides ourselves on giving each and every client an enjoyable working experience. BYB will be there every step of the way to make sure that our client is happy with the product that they’re getting.

We are a production company that takes who you are and what you do, and make that known in a creative, entertaining, and visually compelling way. Our goal is to get as many eyes, for as long as possible, focused on you. We strive for timely delivery, attentiveness to detail, and being sure to go above and beyond our client's expectations. With experience in videography, photography, and aerial cinematography we get every possible creative angle for the most impactful visual.

We do this work because we love it. The challenges, obstacles that arise, and victories that we gain through working with different genres of film all while showing off different products and ideas, are why we love our job. The personal connection that we build with each client, and learning about what they do and why they do it, is something worth more than your money. We pride ourselves on giving each and every client an enjoyable working experience. We are going to be there every step of the way to make sure that our client is happy with the product that they’re getting.

Social media marketing is the way of the future, and BYB Pictures is prepared to help our clients have content that will be sure to get their company the attention it deserves.

You need it, we do it. Let’s connect, and see what we can create together.

Mat West Video Editing Youtube super star

Mat West

Just a group of friends out doing what they love. Email: findusvideos@gmail.com Instagram: @find__us

Youtube: View Mat West's sweet videos on Youtube!


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