7 Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sports that Will Get Your Heart Racing

Guest post by Harold Camaya

7 Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sports that Will Get Your Heart Racing

So you have tried hiking, canoeing, and racing. Now you are looking for extreme sports to spice up your adventure. Then you have come to the right place. We have collected the various extreme and dangerous sports you need to try out. But get the warning. These are indeed dangerous and extreme games, and they require adequate (read a high level of) skills before you indulge yourself.


These adventurous sports will get your heart racing. If you manage to complete any of these sports, you can reward yourself. But most importantly, the levels of adrenaline in your body will shoot high to improve your cardiovascular health. Let us get down to the most dangerous sports you might need to try out.

1. BASE Jumping

BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth) jump is an extreme sport where you jump off a high place. Your jumping point, as described by the name, maybe a cliff, a tower, or any tall structure. You have to fall freely through the air and only open your parachute a few seconds before hitting the ground.


This is extremely dangerous and adventurous game. What if the chute refuses to open quickly? Well, that is the point that makes it more interesting. But it can be deadly if your parachute fails or you lack freefall skills. If you are scared, you may die before you hit the ground. But it is worth to try out at least once.

2. Cave Diving

“Ah! Diving is an easy game,” you say? Yes, but no! When it comes to cave diving, you are in for a new adventure that will activate your heart racing to the maximum. Apart from the scare of waters, you will meet problems with visibility down there.


Other challenges include unpredicted water currents and waves, failure of your water gadgets, and, in worst cases, the loss of sense of direction. But the adventure is worth trying out. You may come across those fossils of ancient creatures in the sea, or maybe discover the bodies of people who died under the water after they lost their direction back to the surface.

3. Crocodile Cage Diving

At the Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, Australia, you will meet the toughest ever sport anyone would be willing to risk. The cage of death is one of the popular adventure sports in Australia, and you need more than courage to participate. This sport is awesome for people who love animals. But what if you fear death?


In this game, you enter a transparent glass cage and you are lowered into the pond that has a huge saltwater crocodile. You will be terrified enough as you see the carnivore kicking around on your cage as it swims around you. Even most brave people do not dare this game.


If you feel like you are into this adrenaline activator, carry your vacation gadgets and materials on your aluminium roof rack and head to the Northern Territory of Australia. You can take your partner with you because the cage can lower two people together.

4. Free Solo Climbing

I love climbing...trees. I have never tried mountain climbing, but it sounds awesome. Free solo climbing is a sport where you climb mountains and rocks without any aid or harness. With your bare hands, you climb as high as you can and come down by yourself. I know you are already saying it is tough.


But do you mind trying it? What about the dangers of slipping off? This sport is definitely for people who are more than bold. As for me, this is a no-no. If you are interested in showing off how high you can climb cliffs and rocks, without any supportive equipment, you need expert skills and strength.

5. BMX Racing

When it comes to biking, people have various choices. Mountain biking is the most common game people are aware of. BMX Racing is a sport that was invented with the idea of Motocross racing. BMX racing is a fascinating and dangerous game at the same time. You need to compete with other sportsmen in the race to beat the tough hurdles on the way.


Being a rigorous exercise, the sport requires that you practice well to gain experience and build your strength. A slip, or a wrong bend, and you go down with your bike. People who go for BMX and motocross racing need to get adequate sports gear as well as the motorcycle accessories that facilitate the sport and make your bike study.

6. Highlining

When we were in elementary school, we used to call the acrobats “yes Pepe”, a name whose origin and meaning I have no idea to date. That is where I learned that people could walk on ropes. Back to the game.


Highlining is an extreme adventure sport where you walk on a line whose only support is the rocks or cliffs at the far ends. I cannot explain how brave you need to be to walk on the Highline, but definitely, you need real nerves. Do you have the mental stability and balance it takes to balance on the Highline?

7. Wing Walking

You see the birds flying and you also want to float in the air. Here is an extreme sport for you to try. Instead of gliding or flying with your “wings”, you will get the support of an aircraft. It seems like a dream come true, but it may turn out to be a nightmare for many people.


In the sport, they fasten you to the top of an airplane so you stand upright when the plane moves around. Then they will scare off your adrenaline by doing all sorts of tricks with the plane in the air. I suppose you may die without crashing or falling off. Do not try if you are not brave enough.

In Summary

Some sports are scary more than others. You also have many other options. But remember that it is your responsibility whatever action you take in regard to these dangerous adventure sports. Even if you read that we recommend them, do not try if you feel scared.

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Harold is a passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the latest trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful world.

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