Best places to go Hammock Camping in the United States and in world

The New Year means a lot of new chances to explore the world and go on adventures with your hammock. We are very happy to know that, by now, hammock camping is an increasingly popular activity in the outdoors and that always more people decide to practice hammocking during their adventures, whether it is to set camp and sleep for the night, aka hammock camping, or to enjoy a relaxing moment while hiking, backpacking, climbing or mountain biking.

In order to tickle a bit your desire for adventure, exploration and beautiful places, we thought of welcoming this 2018 by putting together a list of the best places where to hang your hammock not only in the United States, but also all over the world. Whether it’s to catch a nap or to sleep tight all night, here are our choices!

best place to hang a hammock in the world

Best places to hang a hammock in the United States and in the World

Havasupai Falls, Arizona

Havasupai is one of the most charming places in the U.S. The blue of its waters and the red of its rocks are outstanding and, in general, its waterfalls make this place hard to forget. Many explorers fall in love with it the second the set foot in this Indian reservation, recognizing it as a truly magical place.

The campground is 10 miles in and can be reached by foot, donkey or helicopter, even though we highly recommend the first option. The hike is absolutely beautiful to take and your hammock will make it much easier and lighter to carry with you what you need to sleep at night. 

One thing you must keep in mind is that you will need to plan this travel in advanced: you will need permits and reservations, which make this place a true paradise only if you can plan ahead and really know what you want from your adventure. However, we strongly advise to become one of those hikers and pay a visit to this incredible place: it’s really worth the extra effort to plan in advance.

For those who are interested in the Havasupai people, they live nearby the falls, in the Supai Village. They are known as the people of the blue-green waters and they’ve been guarding the Grand Canyon for many generations now. Indeed, they are the first inhabitants of these places and their tradition goes way back to the roots of Native Americans.

It really is a place where you want to hang your hammock and feel connected to the breathtaking nature and culture around you.

On a sequoia tree, California

California is extremely well known for its beautiful National Parks, as well as its worldwide famous giant sequoia trees. Of course, it’s really not easy to get all the way up there and you really need all the right precautions in order to accomplish such intentions. However, you can do it, and the experience that you will get out of it is going to be simply unforgettable.

You are certainly not going to break any branches, considering the strength of these centuries-old trees. However, it is very important that you climb them carefully and supervised by a qualified person in order to make sure not only that you are not going to break any law, but also that you are not going to harm the trees and yourself.

Of course, you will need a permit and all the right gear to be safe even when napping on your hammock, seventy feet above the ground. But if you think you have what it takes, then get your permissions and go for it. It will be a nap long remembered.

Chopawamsic Backcountry Area, Virginia

Situated in the Prince of William Forest, this area is open from March to November and it really is a true paradise where to set up a hammock camping spot, or to hang your cocoon to have a nap during your hike. Indeed, this is a 1,500 acres backcountry area with eight designated campsites where you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying the amazing surroundings.

Even if you are with a tent, in order to protect wildlife and wild nature in general we highly recommend using the designated spots. You will recognize them thanks to the right post markers, which are accessible from the circuit trails. All you have to do is to indicate on the permit application which tent site you want to use.

Get ready for an unforgettable into the wild kind of experience. 

By a lake in fall, Vermont

Water sources and water in general are some of the best places where to set up a hammock and enjoy the surrounding location. But there is a place where all this becomes even more magical: Vermont.

Full of beautiful lakes, these bodies of water are where you want to hang your hammock in fall to enjoy some peaceful hours by their shores. The stillness of the water will be a perfect source of relaxation and the place to be when you want to unwind.

All you have to do is pick your favorite lake and your favorite spot and string up your sleeping spot. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera with you to capture the incredible beauty of the place and its sunsets.

Our pick would probably be Greenwood Lake, especially if we are talking about autumn. Generally speaking, this place is perfect to mix some very good hammock time with some fishing and some kayaking.

best places to go hammock camping in the US

Malibu, California

Speaking of bodies of water: what about the shores in Malibu, maybe between two rocks while some waves roll underneath you? All you have to do is to pick your favorite spot along its 51 kilometers of shore overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

The great thing about this Southern Californian place is that you can decide to experience it in many different places, according to the kind of adventure you are looking for. Indeed, you can pick an expensive, top-rank kind of resort or you can choose to hammock camp along the shore together with your surfboard and a cold beer. As far as you respect the environment and you make sure you don’t harm nature, then go ahead and live your dream. Of course, make sure you are not breaking any law by not having a permit you should actually have.

The Peak District, England

There it is! We told you we would be talking about hammock spots all over the world, so here’s one. The Peak District really is a dreamy place where to hang your hammock and have the best of adventures and nights in England.

Besides being extremely beautiful and full of spots where to set up your hammock, this area is also famous all over the world for the many outdoor activities that can be played here. From free climbing to highlining, as well as mountain biking, hiking and trail running, what we are looking at is a breathtaking location that you really should visit at least once in a lifetime if you like any of these activities and if you like to accompany them with your hammock.

The Australian East Coast 

If you are looking for the ultimate vacation and adventure, then Australia’s East Coast really is a great option when it comes to hammocking from place to place while discovering new destinations, amazing nature and experiencing some true adventures, from hiking to scuba diving, from sailing to discovering ancient places filled with aboriginal culture.

All you have to do is to pack your backpacking gear and not forget to include your hammock in it. Australia is a real dreamland when it comes to backpacking, so we recommend to go with the flow and not plan your travel too much. One thing is for will never end up with no place to stay.


We should actually say South East Asia in general, but if we really must pick a location, then Thailand is the best place where to backpack together with your hammock. 

This is not because of the extremely cheap prices or the big parties on the shores. It’s actually about the laid-backness of the culture, of which hammocks represent a big part. Indeed, our beloved adventure buddies can be found or hung pretty much everywhere, allowing you to truly enjoy the amazing landscapes and your beautiful time the way you want to.

To stay dry you can either bring your hammock tarp with you, or you can find shelter in one of the many bamboo huts dislocated all over the country.

Quick tip: when traveling abroad, always make sure to have with you a bug net and to double check regulations when it comes to free camping.

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  • Logan

    I haven’t done very much hammock camping, but what I have done is take the hike to the Havasupai Falls and hammock down there. It was a physically demanding hike (the hike out more-so than the hike in) but it was well worth the effort just to see the blue water and get to hang a hammock and sleep in the Grand Canyon for two days. If you can plan it out, I think Havasupai is a trip everyone should experience.

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