Climbing Routes in California

I do not climb for sport, but I have gone a few times. Man is it tough! I need to build up some arm muscles if I really want to get anywhere. I did a little research because I was curious. It appears California has the largest amount of named climbing areas in the United States. The number comes to about 14,808. HOLY COW! This number exceeds all the other states by a crazy amount. (Leave link here). I am going to list the 3 parks/areas with the most climbing routes in the state of California. I think it's important to pick somewhere that has many choices to climb if you are trying a new area out. You'll be able to find something that fits your style and difficulty level by going to these places. 

Joshua Tree


This park is in southern California and has about 2,922 climbing routes. This is the area with the greatest number of climbing routes in California. The picture above paints you a pretty good picture of what the part looks like. Its rocks are rugged (perfect for climbing) and the landscape is covered in Joshua Trees (like the one pictured). If you've climbed here before, leave a comment for which route you climbed and which is your favorite! There are too many to name. 



This area is parked in between the Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks. The city of Bishop, CA may be small, but their backyard makes up for it. There is a total amount of 1,789 climbing routes. As you can see, that is a significantly lower amount compared to Joshua Tree National Park. There are still plenty of routes to choose from in this area. Have you been climbing here before? Drop a comment!



The next area comes in 3rd with the total amount of climbing routes totaling 1,574. Just like Joshua Tree, it is in southern California. It happens to be the largest county in the United States. Anyone been to this area? Comment below and share your experience!

I found this awesome website for anyone looking to climb somewhere else other than California. Click on the state you want to go climb and it'll give you all the information you need! Click here for the best rock climbing routes. 


California isn't too far from my #Idahome and I would love to plan a trip to one of these places. Can you climb with children strapped to you? I'll need to do some research on that (I'm only kind of joking). It might be a few years before I could even have the strength to do that kind of activity!

Are you an advanced climber? Comment below to help a sister out with the best climbing advice you can give a beginner! Because seriously, there is work to be done!



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