Glamping vs Camping: 3 Ultimate Differences

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In this highly technology-dependent world, there is every reason to disconnect, go out somewhere far and rough, and just be with nature. Appreciate the silence, sing with the birds, watch the sun as it rises and sets, and be enchanted with the breathtaking views of the mountains, rivers and landscapes.

Of course, with some delicious s’mores, sausage, and a can of beer.

Nature is the best therapy. There’s no wonder why camping remains to be one of the most popular activities in the United States and many parts of the world. Rain or shine, winter or fall - camping with your friends or family is definitely a wonderful activity for all ages.

But staying out in the woods for a night or two have some downsides too. One is that you have to bear with a few little inconveniences like having to share the restroom with everybody, a not-so comfortable bed, and sometimes - extreme weather conditions.

Well, if you can afford it - you can try glamorous glamping (a.k.a. glamping).

It’s the new face of camping wherein luxury meets the outdoor world.

So what are the ultimate differences of glamping and camping? Check these out:

With camping, you’ve got a tent. With glamping, you have a ‘home’

Traditional camping requires for a tent which is pretty simple to set up and store which will serve as your ‘portable home’. Many times, you will need to bring some more reinforcement, such as lightweight tarps to secure your tent and belongings when bad weather strikes. The whole thing can be challenging and inconvenient, but it’s fun and enjoyable for the outdoorsy types. There’s no greater feeling of success than seeing your tent standing firmly on the ground.


If this is not ‘very you’, however, you definitely should try glamping. There’s no need to set up your own tent because you already have a perfectly pitched tent, RV, cabin or dwelling that has probably everything you need. Imagine booking a hotel room. There’s no need to pack a lot of stuff, only your personal items, gadgets and the like. Blankets, pillows, entertainment are already in your glamping ‘tent’. It even has electricity and water.

The way you prepare food

If you love the idea of collecting firewood, setting up your little outdoor kitchen, and cooking food over an open fire, camping is definitely a great activity. Many people love the idea of cooking their own food from scratch and setting up the campfire themselves. After all, it’s something they don’t always get to do in ordinary days when the demands of work is so tough they have little time for things like these.

Again, if this is not very you, if you don’t like spending time cooking and simply want to focus your energy on outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and trekking, glamping is a great alternative. Many glamp sites offer meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Imagine ordering at a restaurant in the middle of the woods. Of course you can still cook your own food and roast some marshmallows. Glamping tents are equipped with basic kitchen tools and equipment you need, from the grilling machine to the microwave oven. They even have espresso makers. Sometimes, you’d even have your own fridge stocked with food.

The way you camp, overall

Another major difference between traditional camping and glamping is the way you actually camp. With camping, it’s just going to be you, your tent and the stars all through the night. The silence of the surroundings, sometimes with the sounds of birds and animals nearby. You’re really ‘out there’ in the wild, very close to nature. It’s a different feeling, really. Fun and awesome.

With glamping, you’re like bringing your comfortable room into the wild. You have windows to gaze at the stars. But that’s the closest you can get. Nevertheless, you are pretty sure you will have a comfortable sleep as you’re most likely be lying on a queen-size bed or a complete bedding as well as a down comforter. You could be having an AC or a heater, depending on how lavish you want glamping to be. This means you will not have to worry about freezing in the cold or feeling too warm during a very humid night.

Camping or Glamping?

Interacting with nature has many benefits to your mind and body. You get to inhale fresh air, exercise, take in sunshine, strengthen your socialization skills, spend quality time with your loved ones, and combat stress. It’s also a perfect way to take a digital detox and the much needed break you’ve been longing for.

But are you going to go camping or glamping?


The choice is definitely yours to make! It depends on your lifestyle, how much you’re willing to spend, and what your own definition of ‘camping’ is. One thing is for sure. Either you choose camping or glamping, you will definitely have a great time appreciating nature.

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