Hammocks vs. Sleeping Pads

Which way do you like camping? On the ground with a sleeping pad, or hung from the trees in a hammock? You might be interested in hearing some great reasons to try both. But first, let us realize two things: 1. Hammocks have become a social norm for camping. 2. Sleeping pads don't always take away the uncomfortable part of sleeping on the ground especially when the ground is uneven.

Here are some of my favorite reasons why I prefer using a hammock over a sleeping pad. 

  • Keeps me elevated
  • Makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a burrito
  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Fun!
  • Acts as a chair/swing
  • Dirt doesn't come in with me

I feel like that last one needs a bit of an explanation. Usually when I go camping, maybe some of you agree, I always seem to track dirt in my tent and even my sleeping bag. We try our hardest to prevent this but it ALWAYS HAPPENS. This is so frustrating to me. When I go hammocking, (can we make that a word?) it's as easy as sitting in my hammock, slipping my shoes off, and tucking my legs and feet in. Hammocks also never touch the ground so that's one less thing I have to brush off before strapping it onto my pack or putting it into my car. 

Some people just prefer sleeping pads over hammocks, and THAT'S OK! Here are some reasons why using a pad might sound more appealing to you.

  • Not difficult to get in and out
  • The ability to move around freely
  • Simple set up
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to get up in the middle of the night

I have heard some complaints about not being able to move around in hammocks, so here is my solution for you; bring your sleeping pad and place it inside your hammock. Doing this will allow the hammock to open more at the bottom and create ease with getting in and out. It will also give you extra insulation to keep your back warm. This is actually my favorite way to camp. So the next time you go hammock camping, why not BRING BOTH?

You can grab yourself a sleeping pad here, and my favorite color hammock here

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