How to Prepare for Ziplining

First things first, I love ziplining so much. In many action-packed movies, there is always someone that needs to escape by taking their belt off and throwing it over a power line and using that to get down. Well this is exactly how I see myself when I'm jumping off the platform hoping I'll make it safely to the other end.

Ziplining can be scary for most people and if you are one of those people, hopefully these preparation tips can put your mind at ease.

How to dress

  • Wear comfortable clothes

This could mean leggings or jeans. Everyone has a different definition of comfortable. Just keep in mind that you don't want to wear anything too baggy. My personal preference is to wear leggings that stop at my ankle. Because they are tight to my leg it is MUCH easier for the guides to help me get the harness on and tightly. Plus, the length helps protect my legs from any branches that we might pass on the hike or on the line. This will depend on the location of the zip line of course.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

This one will also depend on the location but with most zip line courses you will want to wear a good sneaker. Something that has good gripping especially for those zip lines that let you drag your feet at the bottom to help you stop.

  • Keep your hair up

This tip is mostly for the beautiful ladies out there with luscious locks. I would recommend putting your hair in a low braid to keep it from getting caught and out of the way with your helmet and all the ropes and lines going everywhere.


How long will it take?

You need to realize that every zipline is going to be different. Some places have different lengths of courses and others only have one line you can go down. If this is your first time I recommend going somewhere that has a course, you can go on for the full ziplining experience. You will want to consider bringing a snack and put it in your pocket for that added energy for those longer courses. These courses could take an hour or three out of your day. You will be going down several lines and maybe even going through a bit of an obstacle course. This brings me to my next point.

Is there more to do?

In many ziplining courses, you are up considerably high, which means you have the beautiful views to enjoy. Some zip lining companies might include other activities like horseback riding, obstacle courses, or even hiking trails.

Enjoy yourself!

The last thing is to remember to have fun! forget that you are scared and take that leap off the edge. Why not make it a day activity for you and your family? Invite the whole gang and get that adrenaline going!

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