How To Backpack With A Toddler

Guest Post by Rebecca Siggers

Going on a backpacking trip is awesome until you decide to take your kid with you. Children can make a joyous company. But it is not always the case. Remember the young tour buddy cannot comprehend anything about the trip.

You have to take the full responsibility of taking care of yourself and your little friend. This post highlights some of the things you need to keep in mind and do when backpacking with your toddler.

You are not alone when it comes to traveling with young ones. Nothing should stop you from experiencing your holiday on a day of hiking, canoeing, or doing any activity you want with your kid. You only need to ensure that the activity is safe for toddlers so that you do not harm them.

If you have been wondering how you can backpack with your toddler, here are the things you should do.

1. Make Your Expectations Realistic

When you go for a hiking trip, you may want to calculate the success of the trip by the number of miles you cover, how physically fit you are, the things you experience out there, and maybe, how you overcome some unwelcome circumstances and situations.

But when you have your toddler with you, everything changes. The number of times you change the diapers, snacks on the way, carrying a sleeping baby, and helping them to walk through the rough ground are some of the achievements you make.

Concerning this, you may need a larger backpack than you carry when you are alone. Choose one that you can fasten on your Defender roof rack and head to your trip destination. If you only have a day trip, leave some of the accessories in the car and carry what you need on the trail.

You want the success of your trip to bring a positive impact on your child. So, by preparing to make the kid comfortable and well-fed through your backpacking trip, you will have done the best part of completing your trip successfully.

2. Prepare Them Before Your Trip

Maybe your little friend has never been on a trip. And chances are, if you carry them unexpectedly and leave, they will be scared of everything they come across since they have no idea what is going on.

To help them understand where you are going, what you are going to do, and what to expect, introduce them to the new experience by the use of maps, pictures, and art. Using the map, show them the rivers or forests they will see on the trip and explain to them about the elephants they will see at the zoo.

You also have to explain to them about traveling whether by bus, car, or air. Tell them how lucky they are to fly above the buildings and in a few hours they are in a different country. On arrival, ensure to show them the things you were studying together to make the trip complete.

3. Start off with a Single Day Trip

When you are beginning your backpacking with a toddler experience, it is ideal to take a learning curve. You never want to miss out on something or get into frustrations with a long holiday that you may end up breaking in the middle.

A one-day backpacking tour of the neighborhood will help you better understand your kid’s needs. Making use of a public park is ideal to ensure that you can easily get a bus back home in case you decide to break the trip abruptly. You will get to experience life together outdoors and away from home for the first time.

On this first-day outdoor backpacking mission, make it a trial. You do not have to carry many items. Maybe one pair of socks, an extra cloth, diapers, and snacks could make for the day. But do not forget to carry their playing items to make them busy outdoors. Make sure to note how many of the items you may need on a longer backpacking vacation.

4. Take Note of the Diet You Feed Them

When you have decided to take the kid on a backpacking trip away from home, you should help them to adapt to the environment. One of the ways to do it is by ordering food that they eat often at home. Since various regions have distinct cuisines, your toddler may dislike the foreign food immediately they set their eyes on it.

And when they realize that there is a difference in climate, food, and how you have to communicate, the little friend will start to know that they are not at home. They may start getting nervous and uneasy, making your tour difficult.

Ideally, get your backpacking buddy some milk and snacks. Find food that they know from the restaurants. With “homely” food, your toddler will be more comfortable during your backpacking trip and soon they will adapt to the environment and everything else.

5. Book Cheaper Accommodation for You Two

Your trip budget can change in the middle of the tour. You can expect it to be especially true when traveling with your toddler. For instance, they may want some toys you did not plan for, and things may change and you end up buying different items or clothes on the way. All these cost money.

To ensure that you have a successful trip, you need to cut down on your miscellaneous expenses and find the best deals to book your flight and accommodation. You can save a few bucks to cater for impromptu needs that arise as a result of backpacking with a toddler. Research available accommodation at your destination and book earlier to get the best prices.

Final Thought

The idea of backpacking with a toddler is awesome. Your young companion can make your experience even more wonderful than when you are alone. They make you forget all the stress you have back at home and experience a whole lot of new world together during your holiday. As you will be discovering things together, you will help your kid to learn things faster and boost their abilities and memory when they join the school.

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