How to Find Adventure When You Travel

Guest post by Justin Osborne

Why do you love traveling?

You discovered this passion during the first trip you ever took. You explored a completely new place that enchanted you with nature, architecture, wildlife, and a foreign culture. It was about the sights, the good, and the people you met. But most of all, you fell in love with the thrill that traveling gave you. You loved the adventure. 

With each new trip you take, you seek that feeling all over again. 

How do you find it? Do you plan an adventure, or do you go with the flow and wait for it to happen?

We’ll give you a few important tips on how to experience adventure no matter where you go.

  • Bond with the Nature
  • Nathaniel Richards, a freelance editor working for Essay Pro reviews, spends most of his free time exploring the wilderness. “I get a pair of good boots, everything I need in my backpack, and my dog. I love camping at a new place every time. Colorado is so versatile that it would be a shame to get stuck with a single option,” – he says. “My advice to adventure travelers is to bond with Nature. Take remote hikes and explore natural wonders. No modern-day architecture can offer you such an experience.”

    That’s a good point. You can have adventures in night clubs; that’s for sure. But true adventurists know that desert plains, natural parks, and deep forests are the source of the greatest thrill. Don’t you dream of walking through the entire Pacific Crest Trail in Australia? The mere sight of that place in picture makes your heart skip a beat.  

  • Pack Lightly
  • Let’s be honest: you cannot pack heavy if you plan to have an adventurous trip. You won’t be able to take ten different face products, several hair products, and two different outfits per day. You’ll need to pack so lightly that you’ll be able to pick a single bag and move from one point to another. 

    An adventure shouldn’t offer the comfort of your apartment. Simple products for personal hygiene, a few clothing items, good shoes, a sleeping bag, and tent and a portable stove – that’s literally all you need. Oh; don’t forget your camera! But make sure it’s light enough for carrying around. Unless you’re a professional photographer, you don’t need several lenses. The weight would only slow you down.  

  • Choose the Right Destinations
  • What adventure could you possibly have in Monaco or Nice? Those are commercial destinations that attract people willing to spend money on comfort. Adventure travelers are after something different. 

    When looking for possibilities, you should focus on places that support the nomadic way of life. Make sure the destination has enough opportunities for remote adventures. Peru, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Brazil… those are the kinds of countries you would enjoy. Adventure travelers thrive in complete wilderness and almost complete isolation. Of course; you’ll want to stay safe. Get informed on the security in the countries you intend to explore. It’s best to hire local guides who are licensed to show travelers around. 

  • Try Not to Work While Traveling
  • Students and freelancers often choose the work-and-travel option. Students think they can cover part of the studying material and write theses or dissertations while exploring nature. Freelancers believe their jobs enable them to have a full-time adventurous lifestyle. 

    That’s not the case. 

    Adventures are often remote. You might not have an Internet connection. You might be left without electricity. If you have an important project with a deadline, your entire trip will be ruined. Do your work or studies in a safe place with a secure Internet connection. When you decide to travel, you should unplug.

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    • Take Alternative Roads

    Take France as an example. You have great highways that take you from one place to another with no effort at all. But you also have the national roads, which take you through curves and mountains. What do you prefer? Comfort and speed or unexpected adventures in charming French villages?

    What about South America? Do you prefer getting from one country to another on a plane or would you choose a motorbike?

    It’s clear what the adventurer would choose. The less comfortable option is usually the right choice. 

  • Connect with the Locals
  • Traveling alone is fun! You do whatever you want to do and you depend on no one. You don’t have to negotiate the daily agenda. You’ll wake up when you feel like it and you’ll go where the next adventure takes you. But you still need to socialize. Whenever you explore a new place, you’ll catch its vibe better if you meet local people. 

    Do you remember Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations? He was a true seeker for adventure. He tried all the foods, drank all the drinks, and saw all the places worth seeing. When watching that show, it’s easy to realize that even the most experienced traveler needs some guidance from locals. Otherwise, they wouldn’t discover everything worth seeing and living through. 

    Do You Have Adventure in You?

    Most people don't.

    They like living in their perfect little bubbles. They spend one vacation in a year, and they save to book the most comfortable hotel they can afford. Then they get back to their routines, living for the next comfortable vacation. 

    You’re not that person. You live to get out of the comfort zone. Adventures can go wrong, but you like having options and deciding for yourself. 

    You like making life fun, and you’re ready to start doing that! 

    Justin is a marketing specialist and blogger from Leicester, UK. When not working and rooting for Leicester FC, he likes to discuss new trends in digital marketing and share his own ideas with readers on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at thesis rush reviews, top essay writing services and college essay paper.


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