How to get electricity while camping

Guest post by Pooja Yadav

Are you one of those who love camping? Are you one of those adventure types who love to explore new things now and then? If yes, then you would be much familiar with the possible problems faced during camping; one of them being – electricity!

Camping can be one of the most adventurous activities that can lift your mind and can give you thorough enjoyment. Also, camping is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate with nature in the purest form. In short, there are many adventures that you can do on your camping tour.

However, the only problem or hitch that can bother you in your camping experience is not getting electricity. All your phones and other electronic devices will need a sufficient amount of electricity to get charged and operate. Also, you would need electricity to function during the night, isn't it?

One of the suitable options for getting a good amount of electricity during your camping is by using Solar or Li-Poly power bank. They offer a sufficient amount of power backup to all your needful electronic devices.

If you are someone who loves exploring new things in your camping trip, then you would surely need electricity throughout your camping trip. Therefore, you should be sure of some of the convenient ways in which you can get the required electricity.

Ways to get electricity while camping:

However, using a power bank is a convenient option; there are many other options that you can try to get electricity while camping. Will you be interested in knowing about those available options? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Let us have a look at the various available options that can tend to help you get the required amount of electricity while enjoying adventures on your camping trip.

Gas generators: 

Using gas generators for generating electricity during camping is one of the most convenient and best methods. Though, you would have to deal with some fumes and noise but you would get your electricity for all your desired functions.

Although, gas generators are quite effective in delivering electricity during camping but they can be expensive for the users as well. You would need to invest a good amount of money for making use of a gas generator for your camping tour. This somehow stands in the way of using this method on a large scale amongst the users.

Pedal generators: 

If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive source of generating electricity on your camping trip, then using pedal generators can be one worthy option. These are just like the regular bike pedals powered by the people which are used for generating the required amount of electricity for the users.

The only thing that you would have to deal with is preserving electricity. Pedal generators are not capable of storing or preserving electricity and therefore, you need to pedal them every time you need electricity.

This is based on a simple logic – if you need electricity, you simply paddle the generator and get the required amount of the needed resource.

Portable battery packs: 

One of the latest and modern ways of getting electricity during the camping tour is by using portable battery packs. These are one convenient and simple way of getting a good amount of electricity. Carrying a portable battery pack will also save the users from carrying heavy generators and other kinds of stuff with them.

Moreover, these portable power backups are lightweight and small in size and thus can easily fit in the user's pocket. There are some options of lithium polymer battery backups that can be used by the users on their camping trip. You can choose a suitable battery backup and can get a sufficient amount of electricity for a few days without any hassles.

Solar power generator:

Relying on a solar power generator to get electricity is one of the best options. These generators are a clean, cheap and free source of electricity and thus are quite popular amongst the users as well. The trick behind using these generators is to make the best and sufficient use of available sunlight in the camping area.

However, you would need a battery storage device with your solar power generator, for the days with low sunlight. Your solar power generator may not work on a non-sunny day and thus you need to have some backup.

Talking about its advantages; it is easy to set up, inexpensive and requires no special efforts from the users. It also requires very minimal maintenance for delivering its desired functioning and results.

Wind/ water turbine:

In case, you are at a place where there is no sunlight or you are standing on a non-sunny day, then the solar power generator would not be a good option. Thus, in such cases, the wind/water turbine comes to the rescue.

These turbines can generate the required amount of electricity by making use of the available wind and water resource. Just like the solar power generator, these turbines are also easy to set up and require minimal maintenance, once setup.

You just need to carefully install and setup the turbines initially and then leave everything on the effective working of the wind/water turbines. Also, these turbines will get the desired supply freely from nature and thus they will not be too expensive for the users. They just require the initial cost.


It is quite obvious that you have multiple options to get electricity on your camping tour. You just need to carefully choose your option to get the desired result without any hassles. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it not only provides you with the required benefits but it should also be environment-friendly without causing any damages.

Kindly, comment below which of the available ways would you choose to use on your next camping trip? Also, if you still need any information or detail about any of the mentioned ways to get electricity while camping, then we are always available to assist you with the required help.

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