Madera Outdoor Brand Hammocks Compared to Eno and Grand Trunk Hammocks


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What is better than backpacking in the great outdoors and sitting around on an old log? Lazing around in a hammock of course! Recently I received a hammock from Madera Outdoor. This past weekend I went backpacking with my girlfriend Vanessa and took both the Madera hammock and the starter one from Grand Trunk I got last year. To be honest we can’t really compare the two at all, I was going to, but after going through the specs and all it would not be comparing two similar hammocks. More like comparing a Ford to a Ferrari!

So let’s talk about Madera Outdoor, who are they? Madera Outdoor is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and tries to impart the spirit of the outdoors with others. They give back to the environment by planting two trees for every hammock that is sold. Takes two trees to hang one right??  They have partnered with Trees for the Future at to fulfill their promise. All of the trees are planted in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ok let’s get to the nitty gritty here and talk about their product. When I first set it up in the backyard I was instantly impressed. The high quality shows throughout from the design down to the stitching. The straps that I got were the heavy duty ones and are super easy to use. Set up takes no time at all, the hardest part was deciding where to hang it! Material that is used is the 210T High Tenacity Parachute Nylon with a 400 lb. rating and is super soft.  Here is a breakdown on the specs :

Hammock Cost Strap Cost Total Cost Hammock Weight Strap Weight Total Weight
Madera Outdoor $65.65 $25.00 $90.65 14.4 9.6oz 24oz
ENO Single Nest $59.95 $29.95 $89.90 16oz 11oz 27oz
Grand Trunk single $59.99 $29.99 $89.98 20oz 12oz 32oz

*ENO and Grand Trunk specs are taken from their website

As you can see Madera is very comparable in cost but is lighter in both the hammock and the straps. For those hikers and backpackers that are very concerned with weight this is very important.  One thing I would change is the carabiners Madera uses to attach to the straps, personally I’d like to see a lighter weight carabiner used but that’d only shave off a few ounces. Personally I like the hammock a lot and plan to use it for backpacking this summer instead of the tent. Do yourself a favor and check out Madera Outdoor Co., they even have wooden watches for sale! 

Article by: Bill Szabo

Publish Date: 6/14/17



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