Most Popular Travel Places in 2020: The Pandemic Is Not a Barrier to Vacation

Guest post by Jamie Fry


The tourism industry suffered the most due to changes that have affected the whole world. But a complete ban on traveling would be a collapse both for tourism and for countries whose economy is largely supported by travelers. What if you have planned a vacation for a long time and do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque beaches and new sights?

Despite the epidemic, countries are trying to restore the flow of tourists and provide them with a safe rest. In this article, you will learn about the best places to travel that can be considered safe this year.

Is It Possible Travel During a Pandemic?

Traveling has become one of the basic human needs. The current situation only added a desire to relax somewhere away from home. But most believe that it is still dangerous and it will be more reasonable to postpone an abroad trip.

Nevertheless, more and more top destinations in the world are opening their borders to tourists and are doing everything to make their stay in their country safe. So, it is quite possible to travel during a pandemic. The only thing you need to do is to ALWAYS take care of your health and the health of other people, and carefully check the pandemic-related rules of a country you are going to visit. 

Top Countries That Are Safe Despite the Pandemic

Here are the countries whose measures to stop the COVID-19 outbreak showed great results - the smallest number of deaths from the virus and the cessation of pandemic outbreaks.


Vietnam is considered a universal tourist destination, as acquaintance with the country can begin at any time of the year. In addition, you can find rest to your liking, as this country is very diverse. But what about relaxing in a global pandemic?

This country can be considered safe since there were no deaths during the outbreak of the pandemic due to the rapid response to the infection. Moreover, Vietnam is a safer place among Asian neighbors and it's not just about COVID-19. Vietnam has always been considered tourists friendly country with some specifics but still well-developed infrastructure.


Cyprus has become attractive because of its picturesque nature and clean beaches. But in addition to relaxing on the beach, there are many attractions that are worth the attention even of those who like passive relaxation. Also, it is vital to mention the beach period, which lasts from early May to mid-October.

Now the island authorities are taking sufficient measures to combat the virus. These measures have shown good results. For now, there is no large flow of tourists and crowds, so this area can be considered as a safe place to relax this year. In order to find out how you can get to the island, check out the official data, and also check the latest news with your tour operator.

Top 3 Countries That Are Suitable for Tourism According To WTO

The following travel destinations 2020 are considered safe for tourists based on the opinion of the World Tourism Organization. These countries have introduced special security protocols to revitalize tourism and cover losses without risking the health of citizens and foreigners.

Industry leaders believe that clear instruction, and most importantly, compliance with it,  will quickly restore the tourism industry. According to security protocols, hotels must conduct continuous disinfection of spaces, as well as monitor compliance with safety rules both among staff and tourists. Such measures will not cause discomfort for tourists but will be a guarantee that their health is protected.


Portugal has become famous for its Madeira, Azores, and convenient transit to Cape Verde. Fortunately, this country is accessible and safe, despite the worldwide pandemic. Moreover, this country does not judge tourists by the thickness of their wallet, so you can easily relax here even with a modest budget. Sandy beaches, water activities, scuba diving, parties until the morning, and historical sights are all about Portugal. How do you think, does this offer suit you?

Saudi Arabia

This hot country is also on the list of the safest places to stay this year. And we will tell you even more! Previously, it was an exclusively Muslim country of a completely closed type. Tourism was completely prohibited - as was entrepreneurship in the Soviet Union. Now, the country is governed by a more liberal ruler, but the laws are still strict. Of course, they very strictly follow all the rules of post-pandemic safety too. But the best thing is that you can see all the sights first and tell others about them! This is a place that is not found in travel guides or travel blogs so you are welcome to discover it and stay safe. 


This country has long been known for its high level of service and leisure without worries. Beautiful beaches, luxury (and not so luxury) hotels, and high service is not the only thing this country is famous for. This is the country of interesting culture, unusual cuisine, beautiful nature, and truly historical places. This is the country where the traditional East meets strict Europe. The hotels have passed the necessary certification, which means that this country is going to become one of the leaders in the lists of vacation ideas 2020.

What Tourists Need to Remember When Choosing Destinations 

Despite the fact that in June of this summer, many countries opened their borders to tourists, there are a number of things that must be considered when choosing a country for vacation.

  • Monitor changes in the requirements for foreign citizens on the official websites of the countries.
  • Be aware of the latest information on the World Travel Tourism Council website.
  • Do not go to the country in which there is a two-week quarantine. If the tour agency offers you a vacation to such a country, it can be an alarming signal.
  • Check the security protocol and the necessary certification at the hotel in which you plan to stay.
  • You should not go on vacation if you feel unwell.
  • Read the rules of stay in the country and also follow the rules of personal hygiene.

The Final Words

The global pandemic is not a verdict for tourists. Those who can’t live without new places, can get to many countries and do not worry about their safety. The main thing is to choose the best places to travel, follow the new rules, and then you will not feel much difference.


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