Country Themed Hammocks!

The time has come! With a successful launch on our first line of hammocks: The Azul, Apache, Arizona, Beluga, Earthsky, and Rickey-Lime, We proudly Introduce our new one of a kind hammocks. The Canadammock, Patriot, Ocean-Sunset, and Washington. We would like to take some time to tell you a bit more about out two new flag themed hammocks. 

The Canadammock

A sleek simple representation of the Canadian flag for our friends up north. Some of the most amazing pictures we post on instagram come from the wild and majestic lands of Canada. To honor the photographers who have worked so hard to create such amazing photography and also to those fellow Canadians who want to help truly enjoy nature by relaxing and planting trees, we wanted to create the opportunity to represent your country, give back, and enjoy nature. Don't worry if you're from the USA, we've got a hammock for you too!

The Patriot

Designing this hammock was a challenge. With the Canadian flag being an easy concept, we were left with the challenge of designing a USA hammock. We felt here at Madera that our own country should deserve the same opportunity that we gave Canada by creating a hammock that mimicked their flag and represented so much more. As citizens of this amazing country we all know that the flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes. But how could we have fit all of that on a hammock bag? After hours of Illustrator playing, we decided on the single star. It is sleek, simple, and looks a little like Captain America's symbol of freedom. AKA a little badass. 

A deal for those who want to represent their countries

To celebrate these new products that ring to the hearts of Americans and Canadians alike, we want to offer you all a deal. You all hold something dear to you that was given you in the country you reside. Whether it be Canada, the US, or Russia, we think you deserve to be given the opportunity to enjoy nature, plant trees, give to the impoverished, and prove your loyalty to your country. To apply use code: PROUD2B at checkout on our site It is good for 40% off these two hammocks. Enjoy and hammock on!!! 

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