6 Things to do this Fall

I feel like I start embracing fall on October 1st. Something about the cold trick or treating memories help me accept the fact that it's that time of year when the weather and leaves start changing. With my young kids, I automatically think that we need to stay inside every day, so no one gets sick. Well, I recently decided that thinking like that doesn't make me a very fun mom (whether that's true or not, that's what I think). So, I've come up with ideas for how I'm not going to be a bum this fall and maybe even creeping into the cold winter months. Whether you have kids or not, I hope these ideas benefit the adventure enthusiast in you.

Hiking. Sure, you can do this any day of the year but just think about the beautiful landscape you'll see as the trees change color and drop their leaves. If you have a place you like going hiking already, remember that going hiking in different seasons bring a different kind of experience. And in the fall, it'll be a beautiful kind of experience.

Pumpkin patch. Everyone needs pumpkins to carve and use as decoration this Halloween season. I added this to the list because I feel like this is only something people do in October, so don't forget to grab your pumpkins too! This activity is especially great for those with young kids because many pumpkin patches have additional activities like face painting or even hay slides. The greatest thing about having yourself fresh pumpkins is being able to make homemade pumpkin pie. Or pumpkin pancakes. And you know what is great to do with pumpkin seeds? Toast them! Yum. Now I'm hungry for pumpkin.

Corn or Straw Maze. This goes along perfectly with the October theme. Check this off your list of things to do this Halloween season.

Apple Picking. This just reminds me of when we were just teenagers and going to my grandparent’s orchard picking apples and stuffing them in our sweatshirt pockets. Get ready for this list of things you will want to do with your fresh apples...

  • Apple Pie
  • Caramel Apples
  • Apple Cider (I was just thinking about making this my morning drink now that it's getting cold, just heat it up on the stove!)

Go to a Game. Nothing screams fall like Football does! Have a favorite team? Do yourself a favor and go to one of their games! I don't have a team I want to root for yet. So, help me out, who is your team and why? Leave a comment for me. And don’t just say “because they are the best.” If everyone told me that, it wouldn’t be very helpful in finding my own team.

Rake Leaves. Most adults probably see this as a chore but if you have kids, they will just go crazy. Have a dog? I'm sure they'd love to ruin your pile too. I wish we had leaves in our backyard because that totally sounds like so much fun for my toddler.

I hope this helps keep you outside a little bit. You can check out my latest blog post on tips for camping in the winter here. As a mom, cold weather seems to keep us all inside, but it shouldn't have to! Grab yourself a good sleeping bag here and your basically all set. Get that fresh air in your system and have some fun this cold season!

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