The Art of Journaling While Travelling

Guest post by Stella Lincoln

Humans are perfectly imperfect creations. They laugh, cry, stressed out, and have a variety of feelings to express in different situations. According to a study conducted by APA in 2013, 43% of adults have stress-related insomnia, while 44% of them were unaware of managing it. We need to be emotionally stable to perform our daily tasks and to train our minds to control our emotions and get the ability to recognize our true potential to manage personal and professional relationships.


Being able to share feelings through writing is an ideal way to unleash emotions, and it can help to reduce anxiety and stress. It also, enables you to cope up with depression and other psychological, physical, and mental issues. Moreover, traveling is the best way to encourage your inner writer and make your self relieved while exploring new places and meeting different people. Journaling while traveling is more of a kind of art than science. It comes with zero rules, and it only takes one word to start your journey converting your expressions into the never-ending road of writing. Below are some tips to begin journaling while traveling.

1. Start your day looking ahead for adventures

Start your day on a little high node. It will set the pace of energy for the whole day. It will make you empowered and help you to explore the opportunities of finding your true potential. Pack your bags and get a perfect type of adventure to get yourself excited and achieve an extreme level of achievement. 

2. End your day writing with gratitude

What is the better way to lay down on the bed and end your day with thanking for all the positive things in life? Being grateful at the end of the day is the best way to get you a stress-free good night sleep. It gives you a positive spin, and with this, you can refresh your whole day’s memories and polish your attitude to be humble and thankful for every good thing in your life. 


3. Find inspiration from the surrounding

A kind word from a stranger is the best remedy to lift you up. Getting inspiration from your surroundings while traveling can add richness to your experiences. Listen to their stories, get positivity from them, and open your perspectives to grow empathy within your soul. Life is all about getting the perfect moment to form every story to make your own.

4. Be proactive to see new destination

Don’t be afraid to explore. Be proactive to see new places and be eager to travel to a new destination every time you get a chance. By this, you will open up your vision to absorb positivity from a variety of places, and it will add up a rich experience to your life. Write them down all and read if often to nourish your soul with good memories.


5. Note down all the details

Most of the travel bloggers believe that travel journaling is all about creating yourself by yourself. Once you get the true purpose of traveling and journaling, you will begin to lose yourself to the mesmerizing passion of documenting every detail of your journey. It’s the only addiction that is good for your health. Take time to sketch and see a place by mixing your art with passion.

6. Write down personal feelings about the place

While traveling, don’t pack your schedule tight to get exhausted. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed enough to observe the beauty, story, and peace of that place. Don’t stick to other reviews, make your own new opinion and note down what you feel about that place. This will create an entirely new perspective of writing for you and reading for your readers. There is a lot of time and space to reconnect things you love and become yourself again.

7. Discover various aspects of history

Check for the historical aspects of the place to add richness and depth to your experience. Every place has some stories to tell. Some of them are histories, some legends, and some are myths, explore each of them with a positive approach to make yourself connected with the affection of that place.

8. Ask your fellows about their experiences

No one is perfect, and no one is smart enough to understand the magic of the universe individually. No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. Hence, get chunks of knowledge and experience from your fellows and get a new perspective every time while talking to them. The session will add value to both of your norms. Have a healthy chat with your peers and connect with the place and with them sharing the love and respect positively.

9. Get an in-depth look every week

Summarize the findings of the whole week and the end of it. Make some useful question while writing the whole week and address them at the end of every week. Get a range of fun and inspirational things like; what’s the best thing you heard for yourself? What is the best compliment you gave someone? What is the smallest and biggest happiness you get? What has made that place so unique and connective? Get to the depth of those philosophical links and make a variety of masterpieces to keep your creativity flow.

Take time to get out and live as you want to live. You only get one life, make the most of it!

Author Bio:

Stella Lincoln is a full-time travel blogger and academic writer. She has been blogging and travelling for over seven years. She loves to explore new destinations and meet different people. She is currently working as a Freelance Writer at Australian Master.

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