The best sustainable Christmas presents

It’s that magical time of the year again. Trees are already out in our homes, snow started to fall and Santa Clause is getting his reindeers ready. At the same time, it’s that time of the year again when you have to come up with ideas for great Christmas presents, but you really don’t know what to give to your loved ones.

Not to mention the fact that there’s always more of us who would like to break the chain of purchases for purchases’ sake and initiate a more sustainable and green Christmas, where a present is also an act of kindness towards the planet and doesn’t match the consumerism that is so embedded in our culture.

Indeed, in a moment when climate change and extreme poverty are becoming an always greater problem, turning to a more sustainable and considerate lifestyle is more important than ever.

To help you find the perfect sustainable present for Christmas, we at Madera Outdoor put together a short list to help you find the best sustainable Christmas present for a Green Christmas.

Best Christmas presents ideas for a sustainable Christmas

Homemade gifts

This is, of course, the best way to make a sustainable Christmas gift for many reasons. First of all, being it made by you, it surely won’t be an item produced by mass productions, or that can be found in any shop. Also, presents should be about the meaning and the love that lies behind them. By making a homemade present, you are surely going to give something that contains all your love and dedication, making it one of the best presents that someone could ever receive, regardless of what it is.

Now, what could you make? You can bake some cookies or a delicious cake. If you are good at knitting, then opt for something like a hat, a scarf or a jumper. Same goes for wood carving: if you know your skills, you might create a useful tool for the house, or a nice piece of jewelry. Candles, paintings, photographs and similar ideas related to your hobbies and crafting skills are all good options, and they will match both you and the person who will receive them.

Of course, when making something homemade, make sure you use materials and ingredients that are sustainable, bio and green themselves in the first place, otherwise it will just be an oxymoron.

A Camping hammock

Outdoorsy people are often some of the most difficult ones when it comes to making them a present. Madera Outdoors has the perfect option for you. Indeed, a hammock is not only the perfect present for those who love spending their time outdoors, but it’s more than sustainable as a present.

Made with sustainable materials and produced thanks to the work of expert hammock makers, preserving and promoting their work and their knowledge, Madera’s hammocks, hammock tarps and hammock gear in general also help the environment. Indeed, since it takes two trees to set up a hammock, for every hammock sold Madera plants two trees in areas in need, where deforestation brought poverty and discomfort. Partnering up with Trees for the Future, Madera helps to plant trees in impoverished and endangered places in Africa, such as Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon.

Hammocks are perfect whether the person you want to give one to loves free camping in the outdoors, or going on daily hikes and stopping for a moment of relax in the woods. It’s great for climbers who want to relax at the crag between one route and the other, or for any other kind of outdoor lover.

A portable solar panel

Same goes for a portable solar panel: every outdoorsy person needs to recharge a phone or another electronic device at some point during their endeavors. Giving them a portable solar panel will allow them to do so not only anywhere, but also using clean, sustainable energy.

On the internet you can find plenty of models and options, for all needs and rates. You only have to pick the best one for you.

A plant

Can you think of something greener? A plant can be an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful present, as it means that you are giving life to someone as a present. But that’s not it: there are so many types of plants, you can pick the one that suits best the person you are going to give it to.

It can be a plant that has decorative purposes, or something like an Aloe Vera, which will provide the owner with infinite beneficial benefits. You can give an aromatic plant, perfect for those who love cooking or who love making their own oils and whatnot. You could give a plant that helps to oxygenate the air of a working space or a bedroom, as well as one that helps to sleep. Just pick the one that is best for the person who is going to receive it.

A bird feeder

For animal lovers, this can be a great gift. Whether they have a garden or just a balcony, a bird feeder will help them to attract birds to their house and take care of them. You could combine it with a birdhouse as well, especially if they have enough space for it. It can be a great gift if you want to help them to create a more sustainable and green home.

Food and wine

If you are in doubt and you really don’t know what to give to someone, but still want to make them a present, then food and wine (or some kind of liquor) it’s always a very good option.

Choose sustainable and green products, made by local producers. Indeed, that of food is actually the most harmful industry of all when it comes to climate change and poverty, therefore to give something sustainable from this industry can be a great Green gift.

Natural soaps and cosmetics

If you want to give a moment of sustainable relax and care, then a good idea can be to give a natural product for the body, such as bodysoap, or essential oils or creams. If it's a woman, you can think of some green make-up too.

There’s plenty of products for body and health care that are made with sustainable products and without harming the planet.

A book for DIY hobbies

If the person you are thinking of has just taken up a new hobby, or is looking for something new where to convey their creativity, then this can be a very great, stimulating present.

Through a book, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to learn a new skill and live a more sustainable lifestyle by learning how to do things themselves.

An experience

What if, instead of giving someone a tangible gift, you give them an experience? It could be jumping off a plane with a parachute, or dining at a Micheline starred restaurant, a cooking class or a horse ride. Or else, give them tickets to a concert or tickets for a flight to an amazing destination.

This is a great way to give something sustainable, that will surely make a great present, besides a great memory.

A ring

If this Christmas is going to be the time for great proposals, then why not do it with a ring that not only is produced with sustainable wood, but that also allows you to plant ten and more trees. It would really be the most hearth and Earth warming gift of all times.

A coupon

If you know that the person you wish to make your gift to is about to make a big purchase at a specific store or for a specific item, then you can help them out by giving them a coupon that they can use to amortize a bit their expense.

A donation

This is probably the most sustainable gift of all. If you want to give someone a great gift, then pick a charity and make a donation in their name. You can choose a charity that they particularly like, or that you know they already support.

This way, you will be sure they will receive a great present, without actually getting them any objects.

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