The Best Winter City Breaks Around the World

Guest Post by Justin Osborne



Most cities have frequent tourist visits from April to September. This is when the weather is perfect and welcoming. But very few people consider traveling out of this season. In case you have never given it a thought, then maybe you should right now. During off-peak or off-season times, everything is more affordable. From the hotel bookings, the travel tickets and everything else that was high. Traveling during this time means you can enjoy yourself to the maximum. Here are some of the best destinations for winter city breaks to help you get activated: 

Tallinn, Estonia 

The Estonian capital city might seem meager in size, but it sure has a lot of pleasing sceneries. There aren’t vast multitudes of tourists who will make your trip overcrowded. This is because the area is underrated by tourists; not many have discovered how great it is. But if you take the chance and visit, it will prove worthwhile for you after all. Tallinn is an ancient town that is very beautiful to visit. The magnificent Toompea castle is present here and is where the Estonian government currently sits. It is well-surrounded by impressive city walls that inspire art and class. 

If you are the type that fancies views, then there are lots of them here. You can check out snow-decked rooftops from a couple of locations. In fact, in Europe, Tallinn is one of the best-preserved cities. 

Salzburg, Austria 

This is another excellent winter getaway destination. The city is beautiful at all times, whether winter or summer. It has a myriad of brilliant and eye-catchy places to visit, including the Castle Mirabel and the cozy old town. They also have a Christmas market that is going to ignite your holiday cheer even further. This is equally a chance to explore the Austrian culture and cuisine. With their inviting and mouth-watering delicacies, you’ll soon forget the cold outside. Their Austrian coffee is also something worth noting on their menu. It is tasty and takes the cold away from your body. 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 

You have probably heard of it before, as the capital city of Netherlands maybe, but never visited Amsterdam. Any visitor to Amsterdam will tell you of the beauty that lies during the winter season. First of all, the food alone is inviting, and you will not stop the feast once you start. There are also all sorts of markets to purchase different items for Christmas. You can even pick up some fantastic gifts for friends and family back at home. The peak of it all is the Amsterdam light festival that takes place on the 1st of December to the 22nd of January. It features different installations of art pieces that give a magnificent look. 

Bamberg, Germany 

Bamberg is a great destination to look out for during the winter season. It features a medieval old town, some conventional beers, and different markets to shop for gifts and other items. There are a lot of iconic places to visit, including the Bamberg cathedral, the ancient town hall, and many other unforgettable locations. 

Riga, Latvia 

It is claimed that this is the city that invented the Christmas tree. Why not take a trip to such a destination, and explore first-hand how their Christmas trees are. It is an excellent destination for a winter break, especially when you have family and friends. There are a lot of beautiful places to go with your loved ones, and this is something you will hear from everyone who has been here. Their medieval architecture is equally brilliant to note as it takes your mind on a trip to ancient times. Their pubs and restaurants even have historical settings that make you appreciate the past lives of the locals. 

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Stockholm, Sweden 

You will get an incredibly buzzing feeling immediately you land at the airport in Stockholm. The view is breathtaking, and the winter season makes it even more welcoming. So, if you want to maximize your experience during those cold days and nights, then consider visiting Stockholm. There are all types of streets with eye-catchy architecture. Since it is the festive season, you will most likely meet wreaths and garlands in every corner you move. This encompasses all the other cheery Christmas decorations that spread the love and excitement about this holiday. 

Timisoara, Romania 

This city has the mildest winter in the country. It is a dream come true destination for everyone who loves ancient-like towns. It is one of those towns you will always crave to visit, thanks to the fantastic recreational centers present. Starting from the fantastic park to the nightlife and dining, there is something suitable for everyone. The locals are also quite welcoming and have an excellent spirit towards visitors. They have a lively market, where you can buy gifts for your family and friends. They also have a local liquor made from plums, known as tuica, which you will love to taste. Finally, the local services are affordable, including hotel services. 

Vienna, Austria 

Even though there is another city in Austria above, it is worth stating that Vienna is equally fantastic. It is one of the prettiest towns in Europe, based on what most tourists claim. The festive atmosphere available here will make you almost fail to take your flight back home. Imagine sitting inside a café with your cup of coffee, slowly viewing the snowflakes falling – heavenly. 


In summary, these are the top destinations to visit this winter. Feel free to get your bags ready and book the next flight to any of the above cities. You are guaranteed incredible nights and days. Also, remember that you can always get the best essays through credible writing resources. 

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