The Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Dog

Guest post by Lauretta Williams

Planning a long-distance move? Yeah, it’s definitely exciting and also paramount stress too – especially when you are going to travel with your dog.

But you aren’t alone who undergoes this stress. The US Travel Association reports, approximately every year 30 million travelers travel with their pet. And this number is definitely on rising!

Whether you are heading to Spain, Paris or just the neighbor state, you can’t leave your dog at home. But you may be wondering – is it safe to travel with dogs?

The answer is a big YES!

It’s completely safe to travel with your dog both on domestic and international places if you can take proper precautions.

Whether your pet is a seasonal traveler or it’s his first long-distance travel, the following guidelines will help to enjoy a seamless journey both for you and your fury friend.


Before Starting the Journey

Just after you’ve planned to start the journey, there are few things that you have to be confirmed.

  1. Health status:

your very first duty is to make sure whether your dog is fit to travel or not? This fitness depends on the dog’s current health status, age, destination temperament.

So, you should consult with your emergency veterinarian for a thorough body check. You could travel with your dog only if the vet allows to do so.


  1. Identification:

Make sure that you’ve gathered all the required documents before hitting the road. It will include your dog’s health certificate (issued by APHIS), medical reports, vaccination reports, Veterinary Inspection certificate issued by a USDA accredited vet, and anything else that seems important.

Additionally, you may consider microchipping your dog if you haven’t done it already. This microchip contains all of the required information about your dog. And please make sure all of that information is up-to-date.

God forbid if your dog gets lost during the travel, report to missing dog website. They can help you find your missing dog.

  1. Required Accessories:

The last thing you have to do before starting the travel is gathering all of the required accessories for your dog. You may follow this checklist –

  • A recent photograph
  • Plenty of water
  • Water bowl
  • Few toys
  • Dog beds
  • Harness, collar or leash
  • Medical and vaccination reports
  • Favorite foods, etc.



Heading the Destination:

Whether you are traveling by air, train or car, your first duty is to make sure that the medium is secure for your dog.

  1. Traveling by Car:

It’s obvious that you won’t allow your dog to roam around the car or sitting on your lap. So, you have to make your car a little bit more dog-friendly than before.

You may start setting up a car harnesses, carriers or simply a crate for your dog. It helps to keep your dog calm and steady during the travel.

And please don’t forget to deactivate the airbag for the seat your dog is being occupied.

It should go without saying, but never ever leave your dog inside a parked vehicle. The car temperature can reach 114 degrees within 10 minutes on an average 90 degrees’ day.


  1. Traveling by Air:

Traveling with your dog by air is really a daunting task. Some airlines may not allow pets, while the allowed airlines have their strict policies for dogs.

So, you have to know every single thing before traveling via a specific airline with your pet. However, I’ve listed a few important things to consider before starting your air travel with your dog.


  1.  Cabin or Cargo?

It is the very first thing that you have to ensure where your dog should sit during the travel. Actually, most of the cases, you have to take this decision based on airline policies.

Generally, only the small dogs (about 20 pounds or less) are allowed to travel in the cabin. If your dog is allowed to travel in the cabin, make sure you have a strong crate with a sturdy door (few airlines also require over plastic).


  1.  International Rules and Regulations:

If you are traveling abroad, perform in-depth research about the pet policies of your destination country. The United Kingdom is a worthy mention in this case.

The UK has very strict rules and regulation for traveling with your pet. So, you should check every detail of the EU Pet Travel Scheme before heading to the airline.



After Reaching the Destination:

Before booking or planning to stay in a hotel, make sure it is pet-friendly. Nowadays everyone loves to pre-book the hotel rooms. But I prefer to book the hotel room by checking the rooms with my own eyes.

However, you may pre-book any hotel if you already have good experience with any particular hotel. But it is always appreciated to check the up-to-date rules and regulation of that hotel.

Last Words:

Just like human beings, your dog also needs to feel comfortable and healthy during travel. And you need a certain amount of precaution and planning to ensure a perfect traveling experience.

Enjoy the journey together!


Lauretta Williams is a web-addicted blogger. She loves spending her time listening to music, playing with her dog and writing blogs from her computer. We all want our dog not to run from home. But sometimes, they still might get lost. Don't worry, we have your back. Report your lost with PawMaw we can help you find your lost dog.


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