Tips for Staying Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest post by Noah of Runner Click

Staying active during the pandemic can be a challenge, and many people find the doors to their gym locked. But that is precisely why exercising outdoors is becoming so popular. 

Because we are isolated in our homes throughout the day, exercising can be the only way to get some vitamin D and fresh air. 

And there is a lot of space to keep the social distance in the parks and, especially in nature. 

Go for a run 

Running is a great form of exercise if you want to stay active, plus it is a great way to manage your stress and anxiety. Go for a run in the local park, but keep the distance from other people. If there is forest or a big open country for you to run, it is even better because seeing people there is even rarer than in parks. 

Running can get your mind off the current situation and can improve your sleep quality, which is an essential part of a robust immune system. 



It is also crucial to keep eating healthy and nutritious meals. Avoid fast and processed food as much as you can. If you want to boost your immune system, eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits (especially ginger and citrus fruits), but do not forget the healthy fats. When exercising, do not forget to fuel your body before and after the workout session, it is important to keep your energy and mood up in these hard times. 

Do water sports

Maybe the pools are closed, but that does not mean that you cannot swim (if the weather allows it, of course). But there are also other water sports that you could try to keep your activity levels to the maximum, like kayaking, surfing, sailing or scuba diving. Water sports are a great way to include all the muscles in your body and come back home feeling completely exhausted. 

Go hiking

There is no better isolation than going to the mountains for a good workout session. Hiking is an enjoyable way of exercising, especially if you go with hiking buddies (but keep the group up to 5 people). Being in nature improves our mood almost instantly, and there is nothing better for your eyes than letting them rest after a long week of watching screens nearly all day long.

Maybe hiking is not your choice of exercise, but it definitely should be because it can improve our overall health, which is the best way to fight off the virus. 

Walking, in general, is also an excellent way to keep active, if you are not the athletic type. Go for long walks in the park or the fields (if you are lucky enough to have a lot of nature around your house). Bring your favorite music with you; maybe it can help you to keep up the beat and burn off a bit more fat if weight loss is your goal.

Explore the nature on your bicycle

If you have a bike buried deep down in your garage, now is the time to get it out and incorporate it into your exercise routine. You can go for a short ride around the town, or longer adventures in the open, put on your favorite podcast, or even an audiobook, and you will be able to ride all day long. 

Even if you cannot go outside, there is an option

You do not need a home gym to be fit and active during the COVID-19 pandemic, if you live in a country where going out is forbidden or limited, you can still exercise at home with minimal or no equipment

There are so many exercise plans that you can find online to choose from, depending on your fitness level or equipment, so do research. What type of exercises are you interested in doing? What are your goals? 

There are also many live streams to exercise with, and the good part is the community. Engage in a community you like; you will find a lot of like-minded people that will keep your motivation up during your home lock-in, as well as keep you accountable if you are new to working out at home. 



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