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Description: Are you wondering which kitchen gadgets to take with you on your next trip? This brilliant, captivating, and informative travel adviser has put together the 5 essential cooking appliances that will make your trip an unforgettable and smooth experience!

We all love going on trips whenever we can, right? Well, whether it’s a short vacation from work or an overseas family tour, there’s a lot of fun and adventure in such outings. Sadly, as we make our travel arrangement and pack our bags, we often forget to carry a few essential cooking appliances.

These kitchen gadgets will come in handy if you find yourself in an area with no restaurant around. Today, there are several remarkable tools to pick from, most of which are easily powered by an internal battery or using your vehicle. Yes, you can make a coffee or prepare a tasty pizza in no time! Here are our top 5 options from our trip adviser:

1. Mini Fridge

The last thing you would want while on a trip is having food go bad before you even get to taste it. That’s why adding a mini-fridge to your travel plans is a fantastic idea. In fact, if you’re traveling in summer, it’s important to always keep perishable foods and drinks cold.

Now, there are several options to pick from, once you go shopping for such a fridge. For example, a large cooler, which serves as a small fridge that can hold a few bottles and cans of soda. It even comes with a simple handle for improved portability.

2. Aeropress Coffee Press

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Can’t go a day without taking in a hot cup of this exotic beverage? Well, you can now do so even on a long road trip or camping tour. The Aeropress coffee press is another one of those kitchen gadgets that will always give you a taste of home even when you’re miles away.

Made from tough plastic, this appliance weighs slightly over a pour-over coffee cone. It’s a durable device that will serve you for a long time. Ours has got over 40 overseas trips across 15 breathtaking countries!

3. Movable Oven and Pizza Maker

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Do you know how to prepare a slice of pizza while on tour? How about learning how to make sticky rice without a rice cooker or steamer? Well, there are brilliant kitchen gadgets like the portable oven and pizza maker which you can power to your car to make such tantalizing meals.

The only discouraging thing we noticed about these kitchen gadgets is that you should have the right ingredients to produce a tasty dish. It means you need to look for a grocery shop selling these specific goods. Of course, if you’re in unfamiliar territories, this is something that will take a huge chunk of time and derail your travel plans. Luckily, with enough prior research and preparation, there should be nothing to worry about.

You can choose to use its metal filter together with the paper filters or without. On top of that, if the hand grinder wears off, roasted beans, Lavazza grounds, and canned goods are the other preferable options.

4. Chef’s Knife

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve carried no chef’s knife just when you’re about to cook. While you can get a sharp knife in a mountaineering store or road-side shop, we feel it’s better to have the tool which you know and trust. Now, other than just carrying this type of knife, you also need to learn how to sharpen it.

One of our chef friends taught us a remarkably easy sharpening technique. With your ceramic mug facing down, drag swiftly across the unglazed edges at the bottom. Yes, it may not sound so professional, but it keeps the knife as sharp as it can be throughout the trip.

5. Veggie Peeler

Sadly, this is one of those kitchen gadgets that’s considered somewhat irrelevant by a sufficient number of people. After all, not many will go eating vegetables when they should be chowing down a tasty slice of pizza. That said, let’s not water down the brilliant perks that come once you carry one with you. Interestingly, other than just peeling vegetables, you can also use a veggie peeler in shaving curls of cheese into omelets or even salads.


With these fantastic kitchen gadgets, you can freely prepare a cup of tasty cup coffee or delicious pizza, and keep your drinks cool as you travel. So, no matter where your journey takes you, with these tools in mind, you know exactly what to pack for a trip.

All in all, tell us, from the kitchen gadgets mentioned above, which one will be the first to carry?

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LaBonte is a devoted travel adviser who’s traveled to great cities and towns with his wife and two beautiful girls. He loves exploring new places, learning different cultures and languages. Whenever LaBonte finds the time, though, he’s always ready to talk to other travel enthusiasts through his captivating blog posts.

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