Top 8 Tools For Comfortable Camping

Guest post by Mary Hunter

Top 8 Tools For Comfortable Camping

With summer already here, a lot of people are turning to camping as their primary outdoors activity. This is perhaps one of the most popular activities you can do with your family or friends to spend your time in a fun way and get closer.

But before you set out to conquer your local forest, make sure that you have these eight essential tools to help you use your time wisely while camping.

  1. A Tent

A good, strong tent is the key to getting a good night's sleep to be fresh and energized for the next day's hike. The best tent:

  • Will Protect You From Rain: Your tent must not only protect you from the sun rays, but also from rain. Make sure that the fabric it is made from is waterproof or set up an additional waterproof roof over your tent.
  • Will Provide You With Enough Space: Your tent must have enough space for everyone to fit in. Nobody should feel cramped or end up sleeping outside. Choose a tent where all of the members of your group will fit in.
  • Can Be Easily Set Up & Folded: When you are traveling a lot, you will find that every minute matters. In addition to that, the more energy you spend on setting up or folding your tent, the less you will have for continuing hiking afterward.
  • Will Not Get Worn-Out Easily: While being waterproof is important, being firm is also crucial for the quality of your tent's fabric. If it gets easily torn, what is it good for anyway?
  1. A Hammock, A Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

A hammock and a self-inflating sleeping pad are a must. A good hammock will let you relax easier than sleeping in a tent. You can also chill on the hammock as someone pushes you there and back again.

A self-inflating pad can be a good substitution to a traditional sleeping bag, though you can use both at the same time. A self-inflating pad will provide you with a mattress-like ground to sleep on instead of the cold, hard earth.

  1. A Knife, An Axe, A Multi-Tool

These three instruments are perhaps the most used tools of any good camper. They are the ones that help you do anything from cutting your food to chopping wood for the campfire.

The knife you choose shouldn't require constant sharpening. You won't have time for that, so your best bet is a knife that can be sharpened once and will retain this quality after times and times of use.

Your axe will be essential for getting the wood for your campfire which will, in turn, provide you with warmth and food. While your axe must be easy to use, it should also be not too big or heavy so you don't have to spend much of your energy on carrying it.

And finally, the multi-tool will provide you with all of the additional instruments that your knife and axe can't substitute. The multi-tool you choose can have anywhere from three to fifteen different tools in it, depending on your needs.

  1. A Translator

This is not a must if you are camping in your local region, but will be of great use if you are camping in a foreign country. A pocket translator with the key phrases to use if you come across locals is perfect for this. Alternatively, you can compile your own list of phrases you need and turn to The Word Point, an online localization service, to translate it for you. This will ensure that you get an accurate translation.

  1. A Flashlight, An Emergency Generator

A good, strong flashlight will be of great use for when it gets dark. You will have to choose a flashlight that is preferably waterproof and has extra protection from possible accidental damage from falling and whatnot. In addition to that, the only type of flashlight that you must consider is a solar-powered one. The only source of power that you will have is the sun, so this will be the only way that you can charge it.

An emergency generator might not be the first thing you think of when getting ready for camping, but it is actually essential for unexpected situations. You won't be able to charge your smartphone anywhere in the woods, so if you ever need to use it, you will have the generator at hand to power it up.

  1. A Magnesium Bar, A Water Filter

If you don't know what a magnesium bar is, it is basically your best friend when it comes to starting a fire. They don't take a lot of space and will help you to easily start up your fire when the time comes. You can browse some quality magnesium bars from FireSteel.

A water filter will clean your water from any microbes or impurities. This is especially useful when you have run out of your supplies and the only source of water is a nearby river or lake. Obviously, that water contains numerous bacteria and parasites that you can get seriously sick from, so a water filter or purifier is the only way out.

  1. An Anti-Bug Spray Or Device

When it comes to protecting yourself from bugs, you have two options:

  • Anti-Bug Spray: Ant-bug sprays are used by everyone and have a reputation for being effective most of the time. However, being covered in spray 24/7 does not feel very pleasant and can be quite a nuisance sometimes.
  • Anti-Bug Device: There are special devices now that require a small tablet to be inserted into them in order for them to start working. The tablet is heated and the essence it spreads around you scares the bugs away. This way, you don't have to worry about using a spray, but at the same time, it might not always be as effective.
  1. A Backpack, A Storage Container

The last two things to take with you are a comfortable backpack and a reliable storage container. The backpack is essential for carrying all of your belongings from your flashlight to your tent. If you choose a backpack you don't feel comfortable carrying, you might end up with back pain, so choose wisely.

A storage container is probably not the most important element, but if you are not planning to hike much, you can use it to store all of your key gear. Rubbermaid has some good rubber storage container boxes you can check out if you feel like you need one.


To sum up, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to camping. If you prepare well, you will be ready for any unexpected emergency situations that you might get into. Make sure to bring all of these items with you for a comfortable camping experience!

Mary is a well-known American freelance blogger with advanced writing skills. She currently works as a translator at TheWordPoint translation service. Mary had experience in editing, marketing, and her works appeared in different publications and website articles. From 2015 till the present has been studying at William Paterson University as a philosopher. Her main goal in life is not to set up any goals and keep working every day.


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