What To Know Before Trading In Your Tent For a Hammock

Guest post by  Devin Caldwell

Hammocks are a trendy item whether you are a frequent camper or just like to go on special occasions. While it can be tempting to pick up a hammock next time you are at your favorite outdoor store, there are a few things that you should consider before you make the switch. Today we'll tell you everything you should know before trading in your tent for a hammock.

  1. Your Sleep Will Change

Something you may not be thinking about when you switch to using a hammock instead of a tent is that your sleep will change! Instead of sleeping on the ground, you'll be nestled in your hammock swaying between two trees. The key to sleeping in a hammock is knowing how to hang the hammock so that you get a good night's sleep. Experts report that it can be tempting to hang the hammock tightly between two trees. However, the natural curve in the hammock is critical to getting a good night's sleep while you enjoy nature. Be sure to leave some slack in your hammock and you'll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

  1. You Won't Dread Going to Bed

If you've tent camped before, you know that you sometimes decide to put your tent down in an area where the terrain is too rocky to get a comfortable spot to sleep. You could bring an inflatable air mattress, but this adds weight that you have to carry while you are hiking to your destination. Fortunately, when you choose to sleep in a hammock, the air will always feel the same! You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect spot to put your tent because your hammock will feel great wherever you decide to hang it. If you want to ensure that you have the best experience possible, you can get a rope and carabiner bundle to make sure you get the perfect height and angle each time you hang up your hammock.

  1. You won't feel restricted

Something else to keep in mind when you switch from sleeping in a tent to sleeping in a hammock is that you will officially be one with nature. You'll be breathing the rich forest air instead of the air that gets recycled while you are sleeping in a tent. This will ultimately lead to better sleep because you'll feel relaxed being in an open-air environment.

  1. You'll Stay Warm

Another perk of being snuggled in a hammock is that you will stay much warmer than you would in a tent! You can add a sleeping bag on top of your hammock for extra warmth. Keep in mind that the sleeping bag will be more effective if you put it on top of your body rather than placing it underneath. Not only will a hammock keep you warm during the cool nights, but it will also help you to stay cool during the warmer months. A hammock, unlike a tent, will allow the cool breeze to flow through so you don't wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. This is why the best hammocks are used for camping.

  1. You'll Have Fun!

Your first time sleeping in a hammock will be an experience that you won't forget. Be sure to do your research on the best hammocks before heading out on a camping trip. The best hammock is one that is made out of quality material and in a color that fits your personality! There are so many fun cute hammock patterns on the market that you will be able to find one that suits your unique style and will hold up to any weather that you experience while camping.

Overall, making the change from a tent to a hammock is a fun adventure. You'll experience the outdoors in a whole different light and experience much better sleep while you are camping!

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