Why You Should Go To Guatemala.

Guest Post by Justin Osborne

Why You Should Go To Guatemala

Guatemala is a Central American country situated south of Mexico. The country is known to be the home of ancient Mayan sites, full of volcanoes and rainforests. It is also a country with delicious food and colorful markets.

Nevertheless, it is one of the lesser destinations for most people.

But in this post, I will give you several reasons why Guatemala should be your next travel destination in your next trip.

I am sure if you read this article to the end, you will want to include Guatemala in your list of the countries you want to travel to in your coming trip.

Let’s get started.

1. Mayan Ruin Sites

Guatemala is the home of ancient Mayan sites. There, you can climb the tallest Maya temple you cannot get anywhere in the world. Mayan are just normal people. However, they have their own rituals and beliefs. They also have unique places they worship their gods.

The Mayan culture is the largest of all the Guatemalan culture.

A ride of about 2 hours away from Guatemala City is a large park called lyxmche.

That’s the place with the history of the Mayan city and the people who live there. The Maya ruin park is located next to the road on your way back to the city when driving from Cubulco.

The Mayan ruin park is beautifully maintained. Driving around the park can take you 1 hour. You can imagine how big it is.

In the north of Guatemala is Tikal, which has been the UNESCO World Heritage Site for many years.

2.Plenty of Spectacular Lakes

A study conducted by Jerald Anthony a researcher at Ninja Essays shows that Lake Atitlan is the most stunning lake in the whole world. The lake is believed to be more beautiful than Lake Como. It is situated in the northwest of the city, a four-hour drive.

You will be amazed by the blue waters of the lake and the volcanoes as well as the beautiful villages surrounding the lake.

There are 12 and were named according to the 12 disciples of Jesus. The villages are not located far from each other so you can visit all of them in one day.

3. Guatemala is an Economical Tourist Destination.

When you compare Guatemala with other Central American countries such as Southeast Asia, you will find it a more affordable travel destination.

There, you can get nice hotels at a cost of around $80 a night. If you take a shuttle for four hours from Lake Atitlan, you can pay around $12. If you want to take your meals in high-class restaurants, you can expect to pay around $25 dollars or even less than that for one person. That’s inclusive of one drink or even two. At the Chichicastenango Market, you can buy cheap and gorgeous handicrafts.

4. The Land of Stunning Flowers and Animals

Guatemala is the home of most beautiful creatures including jaguars, oscillated wild turkeys, parrots, toucans, and many others. Be careful since some of the creatures are dangerous.

In fact, some animals found in Guatemala cannot be found in other parts of the world such as California and many others.

At Tikal, you will enjoy seeing spider monkeys jumping from one tree to another. If you happen to visit Lake Peten Itza, remember to pay a visit to the ARCAS, a rehab center, where you will find monkeys swinging on trees and some Jaguars.

5. Boundless Outdoor Adventures

You enjoy outdoor adventure? Plan a trip to Guatemala!

There are plenty of volcanoes for hiking. You can hike through mud and fog on your way to Volcan Pacaya where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

There are plenty of outdoor activities available including kayaking, mountain biking, tracking wildlife in the jungles, just to mention a few.

6. It’s a Country Full of Welcoming People


Like other Latin American states, Guatemala is inhabited by friendly and welcoming people. You will learn more about the country and the Maya and Hispanic Guatemala culture from them. The people are also charming and are eager to chat with any visitor, make jokes and talk more about their way of lives. You will definitely enjoy traveling there.

7. Guatemala Has  Cool Weather During Winter

Guatemala is the best travel destination if you want to run away from the freezing winter weather. In fact, when you travel there during the month of December and January, you will enjoy sunny days with temperatures from 23 to 26 degrees centigrade. During that period, there are no rains there. Furthermore, Guatemala is a country that experiences warm temperatures all-year through, so you can travel any month of the year there.

Final Words

Before you travel to any country, you need to research and learn more about it. Some of the best places you can check include the Edu Birdie reviews and many others you can find on the internet.

These places will help you to know more about a country and what you can expect to find there at any period of the year.

However, these seven reasons and many others not covered in this article are true facts of the things you will find when you travel there.


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