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Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker Van tour creation Hammocks


For Chris Benchetler of Mammoth Lakes, Ca., skiing has always held a close relation to art. The way he sees the mountain and uses his creativity to draw lines down a blank mountain canvas. In 08/09 Atomic Skis saw his creativity and offered him the opportunity to design his first pair of pro-model skis—The Bent Chetler—now, 10 years later, he has been able to explore a whole new side of his career, one rooted in artistic creativity. Diving into creating the graphics for Topsheets, in addition to working on other signature items for various sponsors has taught him how to work in new mediums and innumerable skills to apply to his art work. Chris' art features blending line drawings, spray paints, acrylics, oils, and digital painting.

“I don’t have a particular medium that I work in, but I think I do the best work with pen—line drawings—so I went that route with my first ski graphic. I also needed to learn Illustrator and Photoshop—and that process is still going on today and remains very consuming, because digital art is very different from drawing something on a piece of paper. As the years have progressed, I’ve taught myself more and more about different mediums, and digital painting.”

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MURALS - "I love painting Murals. Murals are a great way to bring art to the public eye either for commercial or personal work. They can inspire people and elevate the consciousness of a community. Please contact me for mural commissions or any questions about a mural project you may have."

PAINTINGS - "This is the root of my art: creating work on canvas, reclaimed wood, and paper. I strive to push my work but I always seem to have the theme of mother nature linking everything together. Because in the end, we are always connected to the environment with everything we do, and as humans have no choice but to interact with it, care for it, and protect it."

COLLABORATIONS - "The only thing I like better than creating art is creating with other artists. Collaborating sparks thoughts & ideas that I may not come up with on my own. I love putting together a one-of-a-kind piece of art with another person, & becoming friends in the process. I look forward to collaborating and working with many more artists in the years to come to produce some epic art and murals."

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Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker Hammocks

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Narratives by Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker Hammocks by Madera Outdoor Company

Stealthy Marmot hammock by Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker Madera Outdoor Company

Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker #arthammock by Madera Outdoor ChloroBlast Hammock

Photosynthesis ART HAMMOCK by Chris Benchetler and Skye Walker