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Crediting and Copyright law

The Filename Contains the Instagram username of the person who took the photo and at times may include the username of the model in the photo (if applicable). Users of the content sharing folder are required to credit appropriately, the person who took the photo. If you do not credit the photo exactly to the username in the filename you are using copyrighted material without consent.


The media in the ‘Shareable creatives for Ambassadors’ google drive folder (in the next step) is intended to be shared on Instagram. It can by shared in any other context but needs to be linked back (Full URL i.e. to the instagram user’s account who took the photo.


The media in this google drive folder is owned by Madera Outdoor Co. and extended through Madera’s Ambassador License exclusive only to Madera Brand Ambassadors who have applied and been accepted to Madera’s Brand Ambassador Program and spent $40 on madera within 30 days of sharing the media.

Positive Promotion

The media and content in the google drive (after agreeing) are meant to reflect the positive mission and quality of Madera Outdoor Company. If at any time you post a negative post using the provided content your ambassador privileges will be removed and Madera’s Patent and Copyright attorney will contact you. If you use the content inappropriately as judged by Madera you will face legal action including but not limited to Copyright violation, Trademark infringement, etc.

Good Vibes

The Sharer of this content understands that this agreement is put in place to enforce positive principles. The sharer of the content on the next page understands they have a responsibility to shed positive light on madera through positive posts and other methods of sharing. 

Terms subject to change.