Ambassador VS Influencer VS Rewards Members


  • Must purchase product or spend $40 + at Madera
  • Earn money when you refer your friends
  • Use affiliate link
  • Access to Madera Marketplace

    Who can apply? 

    • Anyone can apply! We prefer people who are avid nature lovers and individuals who love to help others!

    How to become an Ambassador?

    Apply here. 

    Approval Process

    Once you apply, we review your application and send you an email letting you know if you were accepted. 


    Tiers of Ambassadors
    • Pika (10% commission of sales they make with affiliate link)
    • Mountain Goat (15% Commission of sales they make with affiliate link)
    • Eagle (20% commission of sales they make with affiliate link)


    Madera Influencers earn more money than Ambassadors. These individuals have a large following across social media platforms that help us promote our brand.  

    Sponsored Influencers
    • Madera helps grow their following
      • Sponsored Pay Scale
      • Promote our brand in numerous ways.
      • Madera drives paid traffic to increase following.
      • Madera pays to boost posts. 
        Non sponsored Influencers 
        • Non sponsored Pay Scale
        • Earn money when you sell our products with your affiliate link. 
        • These influencers have their own traffic. 
        • Madera does not pay to boost posts. 

        Who can apply? 

        Individuals with 10,000 or more followers on Instagram 

        How to become an Influencer?

        Apply here

        Approval Process

        We look at these applications very closely. We want our influencers to be aligned with our brand. Once approved you will receive an email with further instructions. 


        Sponsored Pay Scale (found in Terms and Conditions)

        Non-Sponsored Pay Scale (found in Terms and Conditions) 


          Rewards Members

          Loyalty Program members earn points for discounts or free products!

          • Earn points (seeds) when completing actions
          • Points (seeds) are redeemable on Madera site only.

            Who can apply?

            • Anyone can apply! We encourage you to apply! 

            How to become a Rewards Member?

            Apply Here