Haven't been accepted yet?

Haven't heard anything? We send emails if your application is accepted or rejected. Fill out the form below to see your application status.

  • First things first, check your junk/spam folder. More than likely your acceptance letter got sent there.
  • Second, if that wasn't the problem shoot an email to ambassador@maderaoutdoor.com with the subject line: "Applied, but not accepted." We'll re review your application and take you in for re-consideration
  • If we think you're a good fit, we will let you know by email if you've been accepted into our brand ambassador program within 4 hours of filling out the application form. If you are in that time-frame since applying please continue in patience and await your email.
  • Applied with the wrong email? If you still don't have anything from us after checking junk & spam folders, please reapply by filling out the application form again using the correct email because that's the only method of contact we have with you! Never feel afraid to reach out to us at ambassador@maderaoutdoor.com or by texting