Hosting a Madera Sponsored Meet-up

We want you to be rewarded when you help us organize an event to meet people. Learn how many points we want to offer you here:

Purpose of Sponsored Meet-Ups

Madera has established a strong community of Ambassadors linked together through our Mission and our products.  As ambassadors, Madera wants you to create Meetups to establish a time to commit to spirit, nature, and service.

The purpose of these meetups is not only to meet your fellow Madera Brand Ambassadors but to improve the lives of others while being involved within our local communities. We want you, as our Brand Ambassadors, to spread our spirit of enhancing lives through nature.

 These meetups are put in place to help our Ambassadors learn about local places to adventure as well as improving communities through our hosted activities.  These meetups allow our ambassadors to know how they can take the information learned from one meetup back to their hometown and assist those in their community as well. We hope that this will be a chain of events that nourish our Ambassador’s ability to pay it forward.

Goals of Sponsored Meet-Ups

  1. Improve the lives of others in surrounding communities
  2. Gather our Brand Ambassadors to assist in local projects
  3. Meet other local Madera Brand Ambassadors
  4. Connect through nature and service
  5. Just getting out to enjoy nature!

How Madera Sponsored Meet-Ups Work

Madera will sponsor meetups to allow more ambassadors to attend. Not only will we pay for some of the activities but we will reach out to Madera Ambassadors on our email list. This is a bigger event than a small meetup organized on our Ambassador Community Facebook page created by fellow ambassadors. At Sponsored Meet-Ups, we will be involved in activities put together by you and approved on our end. To start the approval for a sponsored meet up please email

1. Madera Sponsored events must be on a local level.

2. These events must embody the Madera Mission, improving lives of others through trees and/or nature. 

3. Must contact Madera with solid ideas to discuss with CEO. Please include:

  • Date and Location of desired event. 
  • What organization you want Madera and its ambassadors to work with.
  • The necessary resources needed for event
  • How this event embodies the Madera Mission

Examples of Sponsored Meet-Ups 

We are currently in the process of organizing meet-ups in Colorado! Can you say heck yes? Our plans for these are just in the beginning stages but we want you to know that we have been discussing tree planting activities, volunteer activities with children, and just having a great time with fellow ambassadors!

1. Planting trees in local places.

  • Recently, some ambassadors who contacted us have looked into working with State Forestry Services to plant trees near their home town. 
  • Some ambassadors have looked into programs Madera can work with to provide Madera's ambassadors with resources like seedlings and saplings.

2. Working with Non-profits

  • One Madera Ambassador, showed the need of volunteers for helping homeless children in her local area. She found a non-profit that works with homeless children. This program that allows volunteers to help homeless children out by exploring the great outdoors. This program grants children the opportunity to explore gorgeous hiking trails, hit slopes, and take part in educational and inspirational activities. Often there is not enough volunteers to help take these wonderful kids out. More volunteers are needed. This is one way Madera Ambassadors can improve the lives of others through nature. By coming to a sponsored meetup, Madera Ambassadors can be part of a life-changing and inspirational event that  children will remember for the rest of their lives.