The Camping Community Gift Card FAQ's

Madera Outdoor's sister site, The Camping Community, is no longer available BUT that doesn't mean your TCC gift card is invalid. You can still use that $50 gift card on the Madera website. 

1) Why and how would I use the TCC gift card on Madera? Use this gift card like you would any Madera gift card. Type in the gift card promo code into the promotion box on the check out page.

2) I still have my TCC gift card, what should I do with it? Use it at Madera Outdoor! It works just like a Madera gift card and the promo code on the gift card is valid on the Madera website.

3) What can I buy with my TCC gift card? You can buy any regular priced item over $129.99 before taxes and shipping. The $50 gift card acts as a promo code and no promo codes can be combined.

4) I've lost my TCC gift card, can I get a replacement?  Unfortunately, no. Since The Camping Community site is no longer active we only accept gift cards  that Ambassadors have gotten with previous orders. Now Ambassadors receive a gift card to Madera with their first purchase of the Ambassador Special Offer bundle.

5) My TCC gift card isn't working on the Madera website? The gift card works as a promo code. At checkout, there is a promo/discount box on the right hand side that you will enter the code in. Be sure that the items you are purchasing are full priced items since the gift card cannot be combined with any other promotion or promo code and the your grand total is $129.99+.

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