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Why do I need to purchase a product to receive commission from my Affiliate link?

What if I already have a hammock? Do I need to purchase a hammock to Activate my Affiliate link?

How do I know when my share link is being generating sales?

Is there a way for me to log in and see how many times my link has generated sales?

Affiliate Links

How do I shorten my Affiliate link?

How do I customize my Affiliate Link?

Where do I put in my PayPal information?

How can I see who has purchased using my link?

Will the wheel or other discounts will deter people from using my link?

How can I direct someone to a specific page or product?


International Shipping: My tracking link is perpetually in transit. Why?

International Shipping: Can International Shipping Prices be lower?

International Shipping: My International package never arrived. Why?

International Customs: Can you waive or cover my international customs charges?

General Shipping: Can I get Free Shippipng?

General Shipping: My tracking link is perpetually in transit. Why?

General Shipping: Will some products will arrive separately?


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Hammock Care

How should I wash my Hammock?

Tree Planting

Can I know where the trees are being planted?

How does the tree pIanting work?

I want to know more about the trees and the whole process.