The 5 Best Waterfalls in the Eastern United States

In my last blog post I gave you 10 amazing waterfalls in the Western United States but not everyone will have the chance to go to some of those places. So, today I'm going to share my top 5 waterfalls in the Eastern United States. I have only been to this region of the United States one time, so all of these are on my bucket list and should make it onto yours if you haven’t been to any of these either.

Niagara Falls 

Located in New York

This waterfall hits the jackpot. Everyone knows or has heard of this waterfall. It includes three drops that overlap the border between Canada and New York. Don’t try this yourself but did you know that two men have survived after falling from this 167 ft. drop? Sounds terrifying but I bet the view is just amazing.

Tahquamenon Falls 

Located in Paradise, Michigan

Everyone has their own definition of what paradise means to them, but this just might make it into mine. In the Tahquamenon park there is an upper and lower falls. This waterfall looks so peaceful to me. I would love to spend a day here hanging from my hammock with my journal in hand.

Cumberland Falls 

Located in Corbin, Kentucky

This waterfall is easily spotted right off the highway in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, but you also have the option to take a hike to the waterfall.  It being 125 ft wide gives it a consistent flow of blue-green water.If the kids are awake and happy we would totally take the day hiking to this waterfall.

Whitewater Falls

Located in Sapphire, North Carolina

This 811-foot-tall drop is the tallest waterfall in the Eastern United States. It’s not like the other waterfalls I’ve mentioned because of the rocky path that gives the waterfall many tiers. There are two viewing points, though many prefer the bottom observation area. To get there, climb down the 154-step staircase. Can you image coming back up from that? My legs hurt just thinking about it.

Bushkill Falls

Located in Bushkill, Pennsylvania

This area is a lot like the Silver Falls waterfalls I mentioned in my last blog post because it has a total of eight waterfalls combined. These waterfalls can be found in Pennsylvania’s Poconos Mountains. You can view all eight of them by spending your day hiking through the mountains. Make sure to bring your hammock for an easy rest stop to give your legs a break or to simply enjoy the view.

***And a little BONUS for those that wish to make it to Hawaii.***
(I keep telling myself that I’ll make it here one day!)

Akaka Falls 

Located in Hilo, Hawaii

If I were to pick one place to visit this is where I would want to go. This waterfall is a giant 442 drop and is easily accessible. The waterfall appears to you slightly from the beginning of a paved walkway. It looks as if you are in the middle of a raging jungle when the beautiful view opens. This powerful waterfall has water gushing down year-round. Akaka Falls is most definitely on my wish list of places to go while I’m vacationing in Hawaii.

As I wrote about waterfalls the past two days, I couldn’t help but feel peaceful. I’m sitting in my bedroom staring at my screen as I write this so I’m obviously not there in person, but just looking at these pictures give me a sense of peace. What a privilege it is to have such beauty available to us. So, there you have it! Waterfalls are just so cool, aren’t they?


  • Michelle Boles

    Virginia as well as West Virginia have amazing waterfalls and views that will take your breath away. Come experience the beauty of what Virginia has to offer. I would post photos but I dont see a link. Namaste. 2feathers

  • Richard Anderson

    How is a waterfall in Hilo, HI considered eastern US?? The others you highlighted are spot on. I’m fortunate to have a mother that got me to the top three after my dad died when I was 4. Tahquamenon Falls is an experience that you won’t soon forget.

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