The Best Waterfalls in the Western United States

I was going to start by giving you my top 10 waterfalls in the United States, but I honestly couldn't pick only 10 from all 50 States! There were far too many to pick through, so I thought we could start with the Western region for today. Waterfalls are unique in their own way just from the eyes view. But waterfalls are more than just beautiful. The sound of waterfalls draws you into its beauty and keep you there if you can spare to be. It’s so easy to be engulfed by technology these days, look out and escape into nature.

Mesa Falls 

Located in Ashton, Idaho

This is my home. I've basically lived in Idaho my whole life, and at the end of the month, I'll be gone, and I probably won't end up in Idaho again (accept for visits, don’t worry mom). Right now, I am only 50 minutes away from this beautiful view. This very large waterfall makes it difficult to hear what the person next to you is saying. It's gorgeous and very close to the visitor center. Visit this waterfall on your way to West Yellowstone.

Union Falls

Located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There are many destination points in Yellowstone National Park but this one needs to make it onto your wish list. Given the 8-mile-long hike to the waterfall, not a lot of people end up going there. Which means, that you will have this beautiful view all to yourself. It's a bit hard to find but I would love a peaceful day full of hiking to end at a waterfall destination. The thought of not having a ton of tourists sharing the view sounds delightful.

Snoqualmie Falls

Located in Snowqualmie, Washington

This waterfall can be found just off the I-90 interstate. Only 200 feet from the visitor’s center is the viewing point. I love a destination that takes little time to get there, especially with kids. This fall has become popular due to its showing in the movie "Twin Peaks."

Palouse Falls

Located in Washtucna, Washington

This 186-foot drop into a gorgeous pool of water below is quite the sight to see. There are many different viewpoints throughout the park that allow you to see the waterfall. Hang out up high or go down by the base of water, it’s your choice and that's why it sounds appealing to me. I love a place that let’s me do more than one thing because you bet we will take a different plan of action depending on if the kids are with us or not haha.

Virginia Falls

Located in Glacier National Park, Montana


On your 3-mile hike towards Virginia Falls, you'll pass Baring Falls and St. Mary Falls. Virginia Falls is known for its turquoise water and pools for soaking your feet. Three waterfalls in just three miles, I say that's a win.

Silver Falls State Park

Located in Sublimity, Oregon

If you live in Oregon, chances are you've been to this park before. Silver Falls is a very popular park known for the many waterfalls there are to see. There is a total number of 10 waterfalls! Do I need to repeat myself? Because I didn’t believe it either. There is a total number of 10 WATERFALLS that you pass on your hike through the park. Plan on spending your day there because everything in that park is gorgeous and there is a lot to see.

Multnomah Falls


Located in Bridal Veil, Oregon

When my husband and I were dating, and I had yet to visit his home town in Oregon, this is the place he talked about taking me. There were a few others, but this was the one I was excited about. This waterfall is a two-tier waterfall with a bridge above the lower tier. Sounds romantic, right? Well, it was!

Bridalveil Fall

Located in Yosemite, California

This waterfall flows all year round. The water comes mostly from melted snow. It has a 620 ft drop. It only takes 10 minutes to walk from the visitor’s center till you are welcomed by the mist of the waterfall at the base. I love a good mist from anywaterfall!

McWay Falls 


Located in Big Sur, California

To visit this waterfall, you must go into Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. There is an 80 ft waterfall that falls right into the Pacific Ocean. You have the choice to take a shorter hike to the waterfall or taking your time through a longer hike. This is the perfect way to spend your time on a Sunday evening.

Havasu Falls


Located in Supai, Arizona

Finally, Havasu Falls can be seen in the middle of the Grand Canyon. It's clear blue water helps it stand out against the orange sandstone surrounding it. If you didn't have enough reasons to visit the Grand Canyon, here's another.

I love my home in the West. There are so many reasons to live here. Weather you like to go rock climbing, camping, or just have nice views, this is the place to be. I might be biased but just look at these areas and you might be convinced too. I would encourage everyone to make the outdoors your playground, because, why not?

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