Tips and Tricks for Hiking with Children

I took my kids to Silver Falls on Tuesday. I wrote about the waterfalls at Silver Falls in one of my later blog posts. You can read about it here. With my kids being so little (7 months and 2 years old) I knew there would be parents out there with doubts that they could even go out on adventures. It took a lot of courage for me to go out with them for the first time. I LOVE hiking, especially in Oregon, so staying home while summer is till around was NOT an option for me. So, I brought my sister-in-law with me to help me with my toddler just in case. So, get ready for all my tips because they will totally change your hiking experience.

Baby Carrier

If you have a baby that is small enough for a baby carrier, WEAR YOUR BABY! If I had a carrier that could hold my toddler as well, I would wear him too. But alas, he is giant. Wearing your baby lets you be hands free so you don't actually have to hold them. If you needed to move tree branches out of your way to get by, you could totally do that. There are different kinds of carriers that work best for different people. My only advice on baby carriers is to make sure you have one that can carry in different positions. Everyone knows I like having options! Both of my kids liked being carried facing forward but a lot of carriers aren’t meant to be safely used that way.

Toddler Leash

I never would have thought that I would have a need to use one of these, but now that I have more than one kid, I think they are a genius idea. Knowing that we were going somewhere with water, I was a little worried that my son would try jumping in. I plan on getting one, so I can feel comfortable going on a hike with my kids by myself.

Back Pack Diaper Bag

This one is pretty self-explanatory but seriously don't forget it. The back-pack style is really important. It's really annoying have a bag that hangs from one shoulder making you feel lop sided while you are hiking. 


And in your diaper bag, don't forget to pack your wipes! If you go anywhere with children, you'll see this on my list. Children are SO dirty, especially when we go anywhere with dirt. Obviously, you'll need wipes for diaper changes, but they are nice for dirty hands and feet too. 

Snacks and Water

Duh! My toddler didn't eat much when we were out because he was busy climbing on rocks but as soon as we got in the car he was starving and thirsty!

Children don't need much when you are outdoors but there are always essentials! This is a small list, but it will see you through till your kids fall asleep in the car on your drive back home. 

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  • Michelle Boles

    Amazing adventure. My husband and I hike and camp every single weekend. With our loyal dog Reecy. Osiyo

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