What is Bouldering?

Similar to Rock Climbing

Simply put, bouldering is a form of rock climbing. Just take away the harness, ropes, and carabiners and replace them with a foam mat for safety. Although you can do this inside a rock-climbing area, bouldering is essentially climbing a boulder. Which, of course, is where the name comes from. It requires you to climb a much shorter distance than the traditional form of rock climbing. Bouldering requires more trust in yourself because you aren’t tied up to be caught if you slip. Having the harness taken away from you puts the fear back in your eyes. But fear not, just place a foam mat beneath you to catch you if you fall. Bouldering doesn't require you to go very high, just the requirement of figuring out how to get over the boulder or to figure out the climbing route.

Workout your Body and Mind

Bouldering gives you that workout your body enjoys but also works out your mind. As you figure out the best way to climb and make it over each climbing route, test yourself to see how many times it takes you before you figure it out. With more practice, each climb will feel easier and you can start going up a grade and testing your body and mind to the next level.

Levels of Difficulty

Bouldering has different grades or levels of difficulty so those that have less experience can know if they will even be able to figure out the climb. The grade system includes a number and a letter starting with 1 for the easiest climb and going through to 8C for the most difficult (Only a handful of people in the world can climb at this level of difficulty). For example, 4C is harder than 4B and 3C is easier than 4A. It might feel like you are sitting in your old high school math class trying to figure out what level the grade is, but they sure are helpful in pointing you in the right direction for climbing.

A Word about Safety

Every sport has different requirements and every sport has different consequences if those requirements aren’t met. Sometimes that means losing a game and other times that means missing the net. In this sport if you mess up on your climb... you fall. With the right gear and knowing your limits, you shouldn’t get hurt. Always remember to have a mat below you to catch your fall and chalk on those hands to tighten your grip. You can’t ever go wrong with being prepared. Climb safe my friends.

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