Trees are More than what Supports a Hammock

Does anyone else constantly have their hammock eyes on? I am, without a doubt, always looking for a place I can hang our hammock whenever we are outside. It literally does not matter if we are in the mountains or not. My eyes are always looking. 

Several times throughout the week I take my son to the new park near our apartment. The trees are ALMOST close enough to each other for a hammock to hang between (I’m sure many of you can relate to the frustration I feel when the second tree is only a few inches away from being close enough)! The park doesn't have near enough trees to begin with. In fact, I think most parks don’t have enough trees. Kids play at the park mostly when it's summertime. And summertime means that it's probably hot out, so why wouldn't they plant more trees to keep the toys and children cooled off?? I. Do. Not. Understand. Plus, if there were more trees, I would probably have a better chance of having a place to hang while the kids play. There is nothing better than a park during the summertime. Especially for moms that just need their toddlers to stop using their toilet paper as their own toys. So, they pack everyone up and go to the park because that means the kids can't make more of a mess at home. Really, it's for the mother’s sanity, the kids just get that bonus of playing. But I am telling you, plant some dang trees so the moms don't have to sit around in the hot sun watching their kids play through squinted eyes.

Ok, rant over.

I decided that my silly mom rant as to why we need more trees was not enough, so to understand why trees are truly important I did a little digging (pun intended).

When I think about trees, my first thought is about the shade. It gives me protection from the sun and heat! Who doesn’t love that on a hot summer day? I also knew that trees put off oxygen, but I did not know that trees can absorb harmful gases. I. Had. No. Idea. Seriously, how cool is that? I really should have paid more attention in school. Not only do trees improve our air quality but they also give food and shelter to animals. They are also good for preserving water and protecting soil. This last reason is what is how we are helping people and their land in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Did you know that when you buy ANYTHING from Madera a tree gets planted? So, buy your adventure needs from Madera. Seriously, go over to our website right now! You will be getting quality products and planting trees in one of 6 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each product you buy has a different number of trees that will be planted. For example, buying a Freedom Bug Net plants 2 trees and buying a Ten TreeRing Wood Ring plants 10 trees! You can shop by trees planted on our site as well.

Guinea is the 6th and newest project we have added to our board. Read the blog post about Madera going to Guinea here. Also check out this link to watch a video about the true importance of what Madera does by planting trees in third world countries.

I am so grateful for what we do here at Madera. Planting one tree at a time, we are doing so much good. The founder and CEO of the company, Adam, couldn’t have said it any better, “you're solving a way bigger problem than planting trees!”

Tell your friends about Madera and please leave reviews on the products you try. This will only help us help the people in Sub-Saharan Africa that are in need.

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