Brand Ambassador FAQs

General Ambassador Questions:

Madera Brand Ambassador FAQ's

Where can I apply to become a brand ambassador for Madera?

Apply here.

What if I already have a hammock? Do I need to purchase a hammock to Activate my share link?

No! We officially have other hammock products, you may now purchase a Rain Tarp or Mosquito Net to Activate your share code!

Why do I need to purchase a product to receive commission from my share link?

In order to represent what Madera stands for (Kindness, Service, & Nature) you need a product from the company you are representing. If you haven’t helped families by planting trees from a product purchased, how can you have faith in our brand and/or mission?

How do I know when my share link is being generating sales?

Login to your dashboard here. In order to Log in, you need to first fill out the entire registration form.

Is there a way for me to log in and see how many times my link has generated sales?

Yes! do so here (you can only login if you have first filled out the entire registration form). 

Will I still get paid if someone uses my old share code (codes were made before Dec 4th, 2017) and not my share link?

You will be until the end of January. On Feb 1st, 2018 we will pay everyone for the month of January for their old CODE uses. (We will also do so on Jan 1st for month of December), From then on it will be through our Link system. So hurry and get rid of any business cards or any material you may have made.

As of now you need to provide them with your link. Your codes will stay in the system, but after Feb 1st we can only pay you for the share link uses. Make sure your share link is on the material you hand out or provide your share link to the person.

Will I get paid if someone doesn't use a discount?

Yes and you will get paid more since that person is spending more. Every sale you get 10% of the sale.

Link Customization

How do I shorten my link?

After filling out the registration form, you can log in.


On the main Dashboard Tab you will see the option that says Shorten Link under Your Link.

How do I customize my share link?

Our ambassador system cannot create a custom link for you, it just creates a shortened link. In order to customize your link, we suggest using

Watch this video on how to create & customize bitly links. Make sure and past your whole link that looks something like this

in to the link shortening area in the video

Where do I put my paypal info?

Log in to your dashboard here

Click the settings tab

Click Payment settings

Enter your paypal email. If you don’t have a paypal email, you need to set up paypal. Create a free account here

How can I see who has purchased using my link?

If you have already filled out the registration form, you can log in.


Click the Conversions Tab.


Click the conversion ID you wish to inquire about

Here you can see more info about the people who purchased from your link

I already have a link in my Instagram Bio. How can I get people to click my link?

You can shorten your link (instructions above) or create a custom shortened link (instructions above) and put the shortened link in your bio like so:


*This IG user has already generated 4 sales from his link in his bio description!

Will the wheel or other discounts will deter people from using my link?

No. They will actually help them to purchase! After December 4th, 2017 we switched to a link system where you will be paid when someone buys ANYTHING after clicking your link. You will not be competing with our promotions from now on. You will still receive commissions from sales when people win a discount code on the wheel once you register for a link. The Ambassador program is an outlet for the company to grow. It helps us break from the internet, allows us to be heard from mouths of nature lovers, and compete against the cult like followers of ENO and other Giant name brand hammock and camping companies.

Share Link Activation

How do I Activate my link using the FIRST AMBASSADOR code?

2 ways to Activate your share link:

  1. Use the FIRST AMBASSADOR code at checkout (Code is in your welcome email)
  2. Already have purchased a hammock (we can’t refund if you payed more previously)

Why do I need to purchase a product for my share link to be turned on?

In order to represent what Madera stands for (Kindness, Service, & Nature) you need a product from the company you are representing. If you haven’t helped families by planting trees from a product purchased, how can you have faith in our brand and/or mission?


Can I exchange my $50 Gift Card for free shipping?

No. That is like asking to trade a Christmas present for something that someone else got.

Why is my gift card not active on

$50 is a gift from us. It works as a $50 off coupon. There are products on that cost less than $50. Trees can’t be planted and our mission can’t be fulfilled when money is lost from giving out free product.

How can the $50 gift card be used?

The $50 gift card works as a discount for $50 off a purchase on This is clearly explained in our ambassador program terms and conditions. As Part of The Camping Community's policy, Discounts cannot be stacked.

I don’t want my gift card, Can I exchange it for money?

No, It is a gift to the families in Africa living in poverty which you have power to destroy with that gift card. Give it to a friend, tip your waiter/waitress with it, or gift it to the mail person. Giving it away enables you to plant trees and help families. It feels better than a shirt/hat would make you feel… we promise. That’s our mission, Spread happiness, you already jumped on board, now go spread smiles! Want more gift cards to give to strangers? Let us know.

Our successful ambassadors have done the following with their GiftCards:

     1) Post a giveaway on Instagram using the $50 Gift card as the winning. This is a great alternative to complaining. Use that noggin and think outside of the box. Marketing is not easy, If it were more people would be doing it for a living.

     2) Requested more gift cards from us so they could more giveaway's to increase their followings. 

     3) Give the Gift Card to a friend because they forgot a gift for their birthday/Christmas.

I feel like the Gift Card to is deceiving.

The $50 gift card is a GIFT. Please realize that you can choose to accept, reject, or give that gift to someone else. But it doesn't make sense to ask for a different gift or be ungrateful, That's not what we do at Christmas time. Realize, it was explained clearly in the video you watched and the terms and conditions. We are aware that some people want other options with the gift card which is why we just added mission-backed wood sunglasses, hiking accessories, etc. to the camping community website so go have a look at some of those.

Our system simply doesn't allow the use of two discounts and that's not something we have much control over. Our mission makes us responsible and does not permit us to give freebies out. We don't even do that for the families in Africa we are helping. They learn how to plant trees. We don't give them trees, we show them a new and unique way to work and they thereby help themselves out of poverty by providing themselves with long-term work and vegetable/nut produce to sell on local markets.

It is a gift, which allows you to give a future to a young man named Barbacara. Barbacara is one of the children of Sidy Ba, a man living in Senegal just south of the Sahara. Sidy Ba just recently earned enough money to send Barbacara and his siblings to school. Sidy Ba has been saving money for 3 years. Babacara helps his dad after school. Sidy Ba is now starting a second forest garden in a field about 1/2 mile from his first. This second Forest Garden will contain many more fruit trees (mangoes, citrus, cashews). Realize this: It is a gift to the families in Africa living in poverty. You aide in that process when people enjoy the outdoors through madera or our sister site The Camping Community.

Read more stories from the field.

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